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Fox 59 says a Los Angeles Maltese, with only three teeth in its mouth, recently fought off a coyote. David and Erin Mascaluso said their dog Vinny is 11 years old and weighs 10 pounds.

The confrontation happened recently when a coyote jumped their fence and was attempting to carry Vinny’s brother off in his mouth. Vinny sprinted at the coyote and chased him off. A second coyote decided not to get involved. Vinny’s brother needed stitches for his lacerations. He is expected to be okay

David told KTLA  “He’s always been a scrapper, oh yeah. The first day we brought him home, I went and I pet him and he started growling at me.” You know, a little 10-pound, three-tooth dog … and 11 years old, chased off a 60-pound coyote. So, it’s pretty amazing. He did a great job. He’s our little hero.”

6 Places To Adopt A Dog (Your New Best Friend) In North Carolina

Looking to add on to your family? But not looking for more kids or any kids? How about a new pet? Now is a great time to adopt an animal. There are so many pets across the Charlotte region who would love to be your new forever friend. Whether you are looking to adopt a dog, a cat, or maybe a nonconventional animal. I have to say looking at these pictures of dogs almost made me want to adopt one. But ultimately I’m still not ready after losing mine a few years ago. But there are some incredibly sweet and adorable pups who would absolutely love to join your family. All of the places to adopt a dog or cat listed below are in the Charlotte region of North Carolina.

So if you feel called to do so browse through the animals awaiting adoption. You may not know you need one until you see its precious face. Check out some places to adopt a dog or cat in North Carolina below. And who knows come Monday morning you could have a new furrever friend. (If you do and would like to bring it for a visit hit a girl up!)

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In North Carolina

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