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North and South Carolina have always been a popular choice for filmmakers.  But, it seems like lately it’s happening even more.  I just shared news earlier this week about a film being made at Apache Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  And, today I learned just down the road from me a movie filming in Waxhaw, North Carolina needs you.  A casting call has been issued for extras in a comedy called ” Operation Taco Gary’s.”

According to, it is the directorial debut of writer/director Michael Kvamme.  And, the plot centers around 2 brothers on a cross country trip involved in a “global conspiracy.”  The film stars Simon Rex and he also serves as executive producer.

So, if you live in the Charlotte area, you might want to take a look at what types of extras needed for the film.  And, there’s also certain types of vehicles filmmakers are on the lookout for that you might just have!  Furthermore, if you happen to know the area you might recognize a landmark being used in “Operation Taco Gary’s.”

WSOC TV reports film crews transformed the Burger King on Providence Rd. in Waxhaw into a working set.  That’s right.  The pictures show the Burger King sign replaced with one reading “Taco Gary’s.”  Some of the extras needed include customers at the “restaurant.”  And, the call put out indicates the movie filming in Waxhaw takes place through the end of June.

We love Waxhaw, and we visit the historic downtown often for dinner and shopping.  We love to watch the trains come through.  And, many photographs are taken in the Waxhaw area.  It’s understandable why Hollywood comes calling.  So, get your acting chops ready and make us proud!

Experts Say These Are The 9 Best Movies Filmed In North Carolina

North Carolina may not be the first state that comes to your mind when you think of film production. And yes we aren’t New York or California but that doesn’t mean some fantastic movies weren’t filmed in North Carolina. While Hollywood gets the glamour and notoriety, plenty of iconic films have been shot all over the United States. And this certainly includes North Carolina. I’m not a movie buff, though I do enjoy watching them from time to time. Mainly when I have the attention span and time! And honestly, the first film that came to my mind when I saw this list, well actually I don’t think it was made in North Carolina at all. And it wasn’t filmed because it’s animated.

My mind instantly went to the Disney classic “Cars”. Even more surprising? I’ve never seen it. I just remember hearing about it when they did the premiere at Charlotte Motor Speedway. But don’t worry, I did think of one that actually shot in North Carolina (and made this list)- Dirty Dancing. I’m sure you know that the classic 80’s film was shot at Lake Lure, NC. But is it the best one to come out of the state? Our friends at BetCarolina have it ranked high, but not first. compiled a list of movies filmed in North Carolina and ranked them based on a point system.

This point system uses IMDb rating, Rotten Tomatoes Audience and Critics’ Scores, and Oscars recognition to rank the top 10 movies shot in North Carolina. Did your favorite make the list? Number one is definitely a beloved film North Carolina can be proud of! Keep reading to see the top films. You can read the full study by BetCarolina here.

  • 9. Iron Man 3

    Year: 2013

    Score: 77

  • 8. Dirty Dancing

    Year: 1987

    Score: 79.3

  • 7. Super Size Me

    Year: 2004

    Score: 79.6

  • 6. The Conjuring

    Year: 2013

    Score: 81

  • 5. The Hunger Games

    Year: 2012

    Score: 83.6

  • 4. The Last Of The Mohicans

    Year: 1992

    Score: 88

  • 3. The Green Mile

    Year: 1999

    Score: 90.3

  • 2. The Color Purple

    Year: 1985

    Score: 93.6

  • 1. Forest Gump

    Year: 1994

    Score: 103.6

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