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Garth Brooks is on week three of his Las Vegas residency, “Garth Brooks/Plus ONE” at Caesars Palace, and according to the country music icon, things have been getting a bit wild. On Studio G last night (6/5), Brooks noted, “It’s crazy!”

Garth said it’s hard to describe what his shows are like, but they are all distinct. He said, “It’s like every week in that room just gets…more fun, but it’s a different kind of fun! It’s been a blast. [And yet] it’s just starting. And I gotta tell ya – if it gets bigger than this, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to survive it.”

What’s more, Brooks says the residency is living up to its name and his original vision for it – each performance has been truly unique, with no night even coming close to mirroring another. “We haven’t done the same show.”

“Garth Brooks/Plus ONE” will continue this year, and just last week, tickets for the residency’s second year, 2024, went on sale.

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Brooks recently interviewed Reba about her upcoming book, Not That Fancy, on his Studio G. During the interview, they found out they have something in common: getting their love of dogs from their partners. Of course, Garth and Reba McEntire are also natives of Oklahoma and are both country music icons.

Reba posted a clip on her Instagram from her and Garth’s recent interview on Brooks’ Studio G last month, where Garth and her find out their significant others showed them how to fall in love with a dog. Brooks says in the clip, “I noticed in your book you write a lot about your horses and your dogs. We have a special dog; I mean a special dog that was my left arm, and her name was Dottie. We worked together; we did everything together. Did you have one like that?”

Reba answered, “Not growing up. Not until Rex (Linn) and I got together did I fall in love with a dog. Riddler, a French bulldog, a show dog, he was a champion, and he got lymphoma last year, and we lost him, and we miss him so much.”

Brooks says, “It’s funny. I think being with Miss Yearwood she’s taught me that dogs are more like family members. I’m sure, like on your farm, we used them more as tools, and they were great hands and great helps, but she falls in love with them; they become family members, so it’s kind of rubbing off on me now.”

Reba responds, “Oh, good. Well, that’s the same way Rex has been a dog lover all his life, an animal lover, and like you said, we had cow dogs, but they didn’t come in the house and, you know, hop up on the couch and watch TV with us as our dogs do now. Part of my childhood was missing that special bond and a love for that kind of animal.”

Reba captioned the post, “Our partners, Trisha and Rex, sure have taught Garth and me a lot about loving animals!”

See that post here.

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