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McDonald’s celebrates one of its iconic characters, Grimace, with a special birthday meal. Starting June 12 McDonald’s is releasing a limited edition milkshake in North Carolina. You’ll be able to order the ‘Grimace Birthday meal,’ which comes with the choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and fries and a limited-edition purple berry-vanilla shake inspired by Grimace’s color.

Now I am a chocolate milkshake guy so I don’t think this one is for me. But if the ice cream machine is working at your local McDonald’s this milkshake could be yours. Not sure why the ice cream machine always seems to be down. The good news is this shake will be in both North and South Carolina.

So not only is McDonald’s releasing a limited edition milkshake in North Carolina, but Spoon University says McDonald’s is also launching a special video game. You can immerse yourself in Grimace’s world as he races around classic McDonald’s birthday scenes to find his pals like Birdie and Hamburglar.

I’m sure if it is popular enough, Mcdonald’s would continue it. The Shamrock shake is the one shake that everyone goes crazy over, yet it is only offered for a limited time. You would think they would make it a permanent part of the menu.

North Carolina's Most Iconic Food According To MSN

If you travel around at all, you learn that each state has a particular food they are know for.  And, they take pride in that dish.  But, if you don’t have a chance to visit all 50 states, and who does…msn.com put together a list of the most iconic food in each state.  So, what is North Carolina’s most iconic food?  Well, we start with North and South Carolina and move to the neighboring states of Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.  MSN says the famous dishes from each state grew out of history, geography and the people who grew up there.  Furthermore, they suggest if you want to take a road trip to try out all the foods, try some of their tips to save money on travel costs.  Following their list they compare credit cards for gas and dining and how to get great deals.

Of course, I love to try new foods everywhere I visit.  However, I don’t get a chance too often to travel a bunch.  But, I can probably venture a guess as to what might be the most iconic food in North Carolina.  I bet you can, too.  Although, half the fun is the suspense and ultimately finding out.  So, let’s see if we guessed correctly.  And, you can check the full list, as well.  Bonus spoiler…the favorite in my home state of Texas is the Beef Brisket.  When it’s low and slow there’s nothing like it!


Finally, here is North Carolina’s most iconic food and those in our neighboring states according to MSN.

  • Virginia: Country Ham

    MSN points out that smoked country ham is big in the Smithfield, Virginia area in particular.  I’m totally familiar with Smithfield ham.  But they also add that it’s popular all over Virginia.  And, who can pass up a slice of country ham on a fresh, fluffy biscuit.  I’ve even been to bridal showers with ham biscuits on the buffet.  And, it’s done in a very elegant way with some good mustard and maybe a drizzle of honey.  MSN suggests trying a local favorite like Edward’s for the most iconic food in Virginia.


  • Tennessee: Hot Chicken

    This has to be one of my favorite dishes.  I’m a spicy girl!  And, Nashville brings the heat with their Nashville Hot Chicken.  Plus, the trend is popping up all over the nation.  MSN points out there is a difference in a typical fried chicken sandwich and the “hot” version.  The hot chicken is usually a deep orange or red color.  This is almost a visual warning that something blazing is about to occur.  I keep hearing about the famous Prince’s Hot Chicken.  I haven’t gotten to try it yet.  But, I definitely will!  So, Hot Chicken is the most iconic food of Tennessee.


  • South Carolina: Frogmore Stew

    I only heard this dish referred to by this name a few years ago.  We made a “Low Country Boil” for years.  And, we put in the typical ingredients of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, ears of corn, Old Bay or Tony Chacherie’s Creole seasoning.  We threw in some lemons and dumped it out onto tables lined with newspapers and dug in!  The name “Frogmore Stew” comes from the small Lowcountry community on St. Helena Island named Frogmore.  It’s near Beaufort and Hilton Head.  Anyway, MSN lists Frogmore Stew as the most iconic food of South Carolina.


  • Georgia: Peach Cobbler

    When you think of Georgia, peaches come to mind.  And, MSN lists the most iconic food of Georgia as peach cobbler.  Everyone has what they deem to be the best.  And, it usually has to do with the type of crust used to top the dish.  Also, sometimes this dish is enjoyed in a dutch oven over a camp fire.  But, I love a good cobbler in a 13×9 casserole topped with a flaky sugary crust and baked in the oven. And the Georgia Peach Festival returns this June. It’s between Fort Valley and Byron and home of the World’s Largest Peach Cobbler!


  • North Carolina: Pulled Pork

    Finally, MSN names North Carolina’s most iconic food.  And, it’s pulled pork.  We come from Texas where beef is king.  Barbeque to us was always beef brisket.  When we moved to Georgia and the Carolinas, we realized the pig reigns supreme.  And, folks in the state take pride in their methods of making pulled pork in their secret sauce!  It’s usually a vinegar or mustard based concoction.  It’s delicious on a bun accompanied by coleslaw!


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