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So, although this might not be the best time for buying a house with such high interest rates, it’s interesting to see where the best spots in the North Carolina housing market might be.  According to, a North Carolina zip code makes their list for the 50 “hottest zip codes in the nation” for housing.  Apparently, South Charlotte zip code 28277 came in at number 42 on the list.

And, for those wondering, the 28277 zip code encompasses Ballantyne, Piper Glen, Raintree and Providence Crossing. points out their data looks at how long listings remain active as well as demand for the area and quick-selling homes among other determining market factors.  And, they used information for a period from January to June of 2023 to arrive at the list of 50 hottest zip codes in the nation.  So, what are the prices in this North Carolina housing market?

Well, they show the median listing price of homes in these zip codes as of June 2023.  And, the North Carolina zip of 28277 had a median list price of $623,000.  So, while that is definitely out of budget for a lot of us, the analysis found these hot zip codes tell a story.  Today’s buyers in the hot areas tend to be older homebuyers.  And, they value areas near big cities.  Plus, buyers in these zips want more space.  And, with the market so competitive, “well qualified” buyers drive sales.

Furthermore, two other spots in the Carolinas landed among the 50 hottest zip codes for housing in the nation.  Charleston South Carolina’s  29414 came in at number 13, with a median list price of $559,000.  And, Columbia, South Carolina is at number 14 with the 29212 zip code and a median list price of $340,000.

So,  before dipping your toe into the real estate market, take a look at the entire list from  The study has plenty of great info concerning market analysis.  And, that comes in handy when it’s time to move.

This North Carolina City Is Building The 2nd Most New Homes Nationwide

Everywhere you look it seems like new homes are popping up. They take a lot that had one home on it and suddenly there is a whole new street and neighborhood. Take a drive around Charlotte in Southend and it’s incessant with new apartments being built. While this growth is obviously wonderful for the economy, it’s not great for traffic! And as many as they are building it’s still not enough. The real estate market in Charlotte is showing no signs of slowing down. The experts at Construction Coverage recently conducted research on the cities that are showing building the most new homes. And two North Carolina cities made the top 10 with the most new homes nationwide. These rankings are among major metros.

Ranking The Cities With The Most New Homes Nationwide

So how were these rankings compiled? According to Construction Coverage, researchers first analyzed the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Zillow. From there researchers ranked metro areas “according to the number of new housing units authorized per 1,000 existing homes in 2022.” If there was a tie, “the metro with higher total new housing units authorized in 2022 was ranked higher.”

In addition to North Carolina, Florida and Texas were well represented on this list. A city that’s growth has seemingly paralleled Charlotte (but in a neighboring state) also ranked in the top 5.  This research also was applied to small and medium metro areas as well and a few North and South Carolina metros made those lists. Below you’ll find the top large metros and some details about why they ranked where they did. And the end you can find a list of the other North and South Carolina small/medium metros and where they ranked for new homes built. The research also went deeper into trends, shortages, and more. You can read the full study and rankings here.

  • 8. Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC

    Charlotte Skyline From Helicopter

    Charlotte ranks number 8 on this list with 23.9 new housing units authorized per existing 1,000 homes. In 2022 the Charlotte Metro Area built 27,212 new homes. The median home price in the region is $369,590.

  • 7. Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL

    Orlando, Florida, USA Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial.

    The median home price in Orlando is $388,191. In 2022 28,638 new homes were constructed. And 25.7 new housing units were authorized per 1,000 existing homes.

  • 6. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

    Dallas, Texas, USA Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama.

    Coming in at number 6 with a whopping 77,894 new housing units authorized in 2022 is the Dallas region. There were 25.8 new units authorized per 1,000 existing homes. And the median price? $376,026.

  • 5. Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland, TX

    Houston Texas modern skyline at sunset twilight from park lawn HDRI

    Staying in Texas to crack the top 5 with the Houston Metro. A much lower median home price of just $306,423. 75,728 new housing units were approved with is 66.8 per 1,000 existing units.

  • 4. Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on St. Johns River.

    Our second Florida city on this list is Jacksonville with a median home price of $355,024. There were 32.6 new housing units approved per 1,000 existing which comes to a total of 23,169.

  • 3. Nashville- Davidson-Murfreesboro, TN

    Nashvile TN skyline with red sunset and birds

    Coming in at number three is a city that’s growth has seemed to parallel Charlotte’s a lot. Nashville has one of the highest median home prices at $436,866. 28,192 new units were authorized in 2022, which is 32.8 per 1,000 existing,

  • 2. Raleigh-Cary, NC

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA downtown skyline.

    If it wasn’t Charlotte, well you knew it had to be our state’s capital city. The median home price in this area is surprisingly higher than Charlotte at $433,469. 36.2 new units were approved in 2022 per 1,000 existing which equated to 21,568 new units.

  • 1. Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, TX

    Awei drone views at golden hour Austin Texas sunset of a modern future city above green landscape cityscape above Town lake or Lady Bird Lake bridges and towers packing with kayakers

    And Austin Texas takes the title with 42,364 new homes approved which is 42.5 per 1,000 existing. These homes will run buyers a median price of $487,537. Is it too late to get involved in the Austin real estate market?

  • Small/Median Carolina Metros- Where They Ranked

    new suburban homes currently under construction in row

    Small Metros

    • Wilmington, NC ranked 8th with 29.9 units per 1,000 existing
    • Burlington, NC ranked 15th with 25.9 units per 1,000 existing

    Median Metros

    • Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach,SC ranked 3rd with 39.5 units per existing
    • Charleston-North Charleston, SC ranked 13th with 25.2 units per existing
    • Durham-Chapel Hill ranked 15th with 22.1 units per existing

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