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North Carolina Education Lottery

It’s an ordinary Friday and you pop in to your local Food Lion for some supplies for the Labor Day weekend.  While you are there you pick up a Cash 5 ticket, sure why not.  This North Carolina grocery store just sold a 1.2 million dollar winning lottery ticket.

According to Channel 9, lottery officials said the Cash 5 ticket was bought at a Food Lion on Cambridge Commons Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina Friday night. The ticket was a lucky one.  It matched all five numbers Friday night in the Cash 5 drawing. We aren’t sure who won it yet.  The winner has 180 days to claim his or her prize.  They may not even know they won yet.  If you purchased a Cash 5 ticket Friday night at Food Lion on Cambridge Commons Road, your life is about to change.

The winner has 180 days to claim their prize. This North Carolina grocery store just sold a 1.2 million dollar winning lottery ticket. Come out come out wherever you are and get all that money. To learn more, get all the details from Channel 9 right here.

I am more of a scratch off lottery ticket girl. Is there any particular store in North Carolina that is known for producing lottery winners.  Did a little digging and found some research done by Channel 9 in Charlotte.  Lottery officials say there is no such thing as a “winning store” but tell that to the people that were on a winning streak at a store in Gastonia. Some people say the Times Turnaround store on South New Hope Rd. has a history of winners. Back in the fall of 2022 there were several big wins for people who purchased scratch off tickets there. For more on that story, get details here.

These Are the Top South Carolina Lottery Scratch Offs, Good Luck!

What would you do if you won big in the lottery? I know the shock may surprise us all and put us in a daze for a second, but at some point, we’ve got to spend the money. So, what are we buying first? Well, let’s start with finding a way to win the big prize first.

Lotto Edge is naming the top South Carolina lottery scratch-offs that you could play. Scratch-offs are some of the people’s favorites to play throughout the years. Nice and quick and either you win or you don’t but you find out pretty instantly. How do you pick which scratch-offs you play? Each scratch-off has its different odds of winning and it’s good to know those odds to be able to help better your chances to win. Check out what Lotte Edge is naming as the top South Carolina lottery scratch-offs. Here are 6 out of the 10 that have the best overall odds of winning. Check out the full list here and see which other scratch-offs aren’t listed below.

  • 6. 100X

    The 100X scratch-off is coming in at No. 6. The ticket costs about $1 each for you to be able to purchase to play. Your overall odds of winning are about 1 in 3.48. Not so bad, right? Win possibly $300,000 or more when playing this infamous scratch-off game in South Carolina. What would be the first thing you would purchase with that kind of grand prize?

  • 5. King's Ransom

    Why not play King’s Ransom up next? With King’s Ransom, you have a possibility with a 1 in 3.47 odds of winning this lottery game. The ticket costs only $10 so talk about profit margin if you win big with this scratch off. Might as well give it a try.

  • 4. $500,000 Multiplier Money

    Come on, $500,000 sounds like a good time! If you play the $500,000 Multiplier Money then you could really win big with this one. Only costing you $10 per ticket, you have the chance to win with a 1 in 3.44 odds of winning.

  • 3. Mighty Jumbo Bucks

    Coming in at No. 3 is another famous one that people love to play. The Mighty Jumbo Bucks scratch off is one of those ones that people love. Only $10 per ticket, you have the possibility to profit pretty BIG. You will have a 1 in 3.40 odds in winning this grand prize.

  • 2. $1,000,000 Bonus Multiplier

    The prizes are getting bigger and the odds are getting better. Spend just $10 and you have the chance to be a million-dollar winner. Now, a million dollars can really do some crazy things to your life. With a 1 in 3.23 chance of winning, a million dollars could be yours!

  • 1. Fastest Road to $2,000,000

    Now, if you thought a million was a great time then what about $2 million? That’s right, the Fastest Road to $2 million scratch off is the number one spot. With a 1 in 3.06 overall odds in winning, this could be the best chance for you to win big. It’s the #1 scratch off for South Carolina.

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