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Ever wish you could just hand your significant other a report card.  Many Americans give their partner a B grade. And those surveyed put their spouse pretty much on the honor role of life.

A new survey found that Americans in relationships say they would give their partner a B-.  The researchers asked adults to grade their partner and then take a look at themselves in all areas of the relationship.

So how did we rate our mate when it comes to how much effort they make with the family.  That would be a B plus.  The sex life gets a pretty good grade.  People rate their mates above average or a B in the sexy time department.  We like the way our mates kiss as well.  Smooching gets a B.

How do we like our partners taste in movies or TV. The grades slip a bit here at a B-.  They gave just a C for the effort their partner makes with their friends.  We give our partners a C plus in patience and listening skills as well as romance.

To learn more get details from our source right here.

Here Are The Top Five Places In South Carolina To Find Love

You live in North Carolina or South Carolina and you would rather not go out of the Carolinas to find love.  And there is no reason to look any where else.  According to Google, 50 percent of South Carolina’s population is single.  There are lots of fish in this Palmetto tree. Here are the top five places in South Carolina to find love.

It seems like when you look around, everyone is taken but maybe you just aren’t looking in the right pond.  That is where Only In Your State comes in.  They have ranked the best places in South Carolina to find love.

According to Only In Your State: “Being single isn’t easy. It definitely isn’t easy if you live in a place where there’s not a good moving crowd of other singles. Many singles ask themselves where should they live if they’re single. Where is all the good nightlife, the entertainment, and the other single people? South Carolina has a lot of places for singles to mingle. Here is a list of the top best places you should think about moving to if you’re single and looking to change that.”

If you don’t want to move to these places, you might just want to visit.  Some you may even be very familiar with.  Get Details from Only In Your State right here.


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