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Luke Bryan looked reminsced about his long career earlier this week (9/12). He celebrated having 30 number-one country songs with friends and the music industry at a party near Music Row in Nashville.

Luke chatted with us before the party and admitted maybe he shook his booty a little too much over the years. But he had his reasons. He said, “The fans are what make you. You know, once I realized I shake my butt a little bit, girls scream a little bit, so I kinda maybe started overdoing the butt shaking a little bit. But you’ve got to make the fans smile and have fun. And I think that’s with the music, too.”

He said of his song catalog, “I think these songs are a flow of me trying to give fans what they want. There were songs that maybe were off the path of trying to be who I was, but that was all trying to do that. It was trying to do something that sounds a little different and not trying to be redundant.”

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Bryan also noted that he’s still very much in love with his place in country music. He said, “When I’m on stage, I love every second of it. I still love hearing from the fans. I’m such in the gravy land of everything that happens to me. I’m in the super, super bonus. Now, it’s just managing my expectations for the rest of my career.”

He admitted, “I don’t want to wake up and be in my fifties and be depressed about where my music career is. I want to look back and say I checked all the goals. The kid that wrote the first number one to today, I’m really happy to say that I checked all the things on the list and got to do incredible things and meet incredible people.”

Luke says there is one thing he never wants to forget on his journey. He said, “I still want to make fun music and not be serious all the time. That’s what’s fun about being in my career: I can write songs a little bit, and I can listen to songs. I’m grounded more than ever in what I need to say as an artist for the rest of my career.”

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