I’m sure AI can do a lot of great things. I’m a little scared of the technology and resistant to it, however. Does no one remember the Stephen Spielberg horror film A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Did we not learn anything from that? But there is one thing AI certainly needs some work on: generating photos. And the North Carolina State Fair has gotten a lot of online attention by posting some hilariously bad AI generated photos. And when I say bad I mean BAD! These are supposed to be your “typical fair goer”.

And the longer you look a the photos. The worse it gets. That second one with the family? There is no shortage of things horribly wrong with the photo. The older couple looks possessed. I may seriously have nightmares over these photos. But even crazier than the pictures? People’s reactions. The post was obviously made to show just how bad the AI pictures were. But some commenters just didn’t get that. One woman wrote “This is weird. Don’t do this.” And mentioned there talented photographers who have pictures they can use. The fair responded to her comment saying: “We didn’t try to pass them off as anything but AI as a joke. They made us chuckle because they are so bad. We employ photographers here on staff as well as pay freelance photogs every year to capture the true essence of the Fair, as only a real human can.”

Another commenter said, at least this is one job we don’t have to worry about AI stealing. Lots of comments mention the hilarious broccoli sandwich. Never seen that on the menu at a fair! The more I look these NOrth Carolina State Fair AI Generated photos the more I laugh and the more things wrong I find. The child whose arm just stops? The other child wearing a watch that looks to cost more than my car? What a post NC State Fair. What a post. The photos have even made their way to TikTok where one creator posted the below video about the situation. I’ll leave you with that!

7 North Carolina County Fairs To Check Out This Fall

What do you think of when you think of fall? For me, it’s football season first and foremost. But after that, I think of things like pumpkins, apple cider, leaves, sweaters, and of course the fair. In North Carolina, fall is the season for the state and county fairs. And there is no shortage of fairs throughout the state. Most counties have some iteration of a county fair at some point in the fall months.

These fairs bring neighbors together. They feature animals, competitions, and entertainment like the always-entertaining pig races. Then there are the rides- Ferris wheels, swings, and rides that will spin you every which way. Though those last ones, while I’m sure they are fun, aren’t for me- unless you want me sick. And at the fair, you have to play a game or two, win that giant teddy bear you won’t know what to do with 48 hours later. Or perhaps a goldfish? I accidentally let a kid I was babysitting win one of those once. Not the best idea when you have to explain to the parents why you brought home a pet.

But perhaps most people’s favorite thing about the fair? The food! Maybe you like to play it safe with classics like kettle corn, funnel cakes. pizza, or candy apples. Or maybe you want anything fried- fried Oreos, fried kool aid, fried candy bars, or something I can’t even imagine. I remember at the NC State Fair the year the Krispy Kreme Burger was the new item. And it was interesting for sure. I actually feel like it may taste better than it sounds- but wasn’t worth the money or calories for me personally to find out!

So back to fairs in North Carolina. Below you’ll find a list of 7 North Carolina County Fairs, close enough to Charlotte to make a drive to! Happy fair season!


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