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A horseback rider was arrested because he was inebriated and “driving drunk” on the road.  So what happens to the horse when the alleged drunk rider gets put in the back of a patrol car?  One kind California law enforcement officer escorted the horse after the rider got busted for DWI.

Just in case you didn’t know the rules of the road apply no matter the vehicle you choose.

According to ABC News , Trooper Brackett of the California Highway Patrol was on duty when he noticed a man on horseback carrying an open container of alcohol. ABC reports this was in the trooper’s report, “It’s worth noting that, according to California Vehicle Code 21050, the rules of the road apply to those operating animals on the highway,”.  So there ya go.

Officer Brackett assured the safe return of the animal.  The California Highway Patrol is quoted in ABC

“This incident serves as a reminder that impaired riding, even on a horse, poses risks to both the rider and others on the road. We commend Officer Brackett’s dedication to upholding safety standards in all situations,”  Thank you officer Brackett for avoiding a potential bad situation and for taking care of this animal.  To learn more get details here from ABC News.

Miranda Lambert: Helping and Loving The Many Animals In Her Life

Miranda Lambert celebrates her 39th birthday today (11/10). Throughout her career and life, she has always championed her many animals and pets throughout the country with her Muttnation Foundation helping shelters in America.

To help shine the spotlight on rescue animals and shelters, Lambert and her mom Bev Lambert founded MuttNation Foundation in 2009 to ensure that as many dogs as possible would have a safe and happy place to call home.

The Muttnation website describes what they do: “MuttNation is supporting Greater Good and Humane Society Naples in their efforts to help pets impacted by the hurricane. 100% of your donation will benefit these two organizations.”

The website also noted, “Miranda’s love for animals has always been essential to who she is. While volunteering at local shelters, she adopted her first pup Delilah as a companion when she started touring.”

To celebrate Miranda today, we gathered ten of her most recent posts about her beloved animals; whether from her own home, a friend’s home, or just trying to find forever homes for the many shelter animals she helps each year.

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