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You can take one look at me and tell I am not a high heels girl. You are more likely to find me wearing a nice pairs of Chucks or a good boot.   I think high heels look pretty but I’m built for comfort not style. As it turns out, high heels are reportedly really bad for your health.

The New York Post is warning women that wearing high heels is now more dangerous than ever.  The paper says stiletos are mostly the problem.  They can cause hammer toes, bunions, back stress, tight hip flexors and chronic back pain.

To reduce the risk, doctors have a pretty simple solution.  They say wear “kitten heels” or shorter heels for shorter periods of time.  We are pretty lucky where I work, no one that work on the air wears heels.  I would be in trouble if that was expected.  To learn more about how high heels are really band for your health, get details from the New York Post right here.

Make A Postive Impact On Fashion with These Tips for a Greener Wardrobe

New research from reveals that on average Americans discard more than seven items of still wearable clothing every year at an average cost of $35 per item.

Nearly a fifth (18%) admitted to throwing these items in the trash, ultimately throwing away $270 a year! And while it’s not all doom and gloom, with more than three quarters donating garments to goodwill or thrift stores (62%) or passing on to friends and family (17%); it’s not just wallets taking a hit, the planet also pays the price.

With this in mind, has developed a Fast Fashion Calculator to demonstrate the environmental impact of producing clothes. In addition, here are some tips for a greener wardrobe.

  • Adjust your spending habits!

    Invest in everyday pieces such as jeans instead of buying an outfit you’ll only wear once for special occasions. In order to be more eco-friendly, we should buy one pair of high-quality jeans that will last, since one pair of jeans uses 7,000 liters of water and creates 950 grams of waste.

  • Get thrifty my friend!

    Making your shopping habits more sustainable and fun by shopping vintage is an excellent idea! You can also shop the resale market through platforms such as Depop or eBay if browsing vintage stores aren’t your thing.

  • Mend and make do!

    If you have clothing that no longer fits or requires repairs, consider if it can be altered or repaired. You could take the challenge on yourself or hire professionals to do the work for you. If your clothing no longer fits your style, can it be altered and upcycled to update it? Or could it even be completely transformed into a new garment?

  • Do your research!

    Check the sustainability policies of your favorite brands before updating your wardrobe. Being informed before you hit the shops will make sustainable shopping a lot easier since many brands are opting for sustainable methods, fabrics, and materials.

  • Look after the clothes you already own.

    Looking after your clothes means they’re likely to last longer. From hanging up garments properly to washing jeans inside out little steps will reduce the need to replace items – so before you pile everything into the laundry in one go, take time to read the labels!

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