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He had been missing for ten years .  He is a black and white tuxedo cat and he has become the subject of a custody battle after turning up in a new state 10 years after going missing. This North Carolina cat that has been at the center of a custody battle returns to Kansas.

The cat named Maui was brought to an animal hospital in Wake County, North Carolina after being found outside a few weeks ago. According to Fox 8  when the cat was microchip scanned, the vet found he belongs to an owner in Wichita, Kansas. This was a surprise to the family that took him in in North Carolina.  They wanted to keep him but his original owner also wanted him back.

An animal center representative had this to say about the situation as reported by Channel 8: “Ms. Holmes has confirmed that she is the cat’s owner, that she had no intention to abandon the cat when it disappeared from her property, that she wishes to reclaim the cat, and that she has the means to make arrangements for the cat to be transported back to Ms. Holmes’ home in Kansas.”

To learn more get details from myfox8.com right here.

Best Places in North Carolina to Explore Different Animals

Are you looking to have some fun with animals? Well, I have been contemplating fun things to do and for some reason, a petting zoo has been on my mind. It’s probably because I recently went to Disney World and Animal Kingdom was my absolute favorite place. From The Lion King being my favorite movie to the Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom, I have been thinking about animals like crazy. But, there is no Animal Kingdom here in Charlotte for me to enjoy, right? So, I have to think of somewhere else.

Of course, I decided to take matters into my own hands. That means I am looking into petting zoos, zoos, and all types of animal parks in the state. Why not have some animal-friendly fun? Let’s enjoy some time with the animals and see what you can do here in North Carolina. Can’t wait!

  • Lazy 5 Ranch

    Lazy 5 Ranch is a drive through ranch experience. Whether you are sitting in your car or riding on the back of a wagon, you can ride through the ranch to check out some great animals. Not only will you sight see, but you can also feed them along the way. The ranch is open 7 days a week and has tons of animals like cattle, deer, goats, antelope, and other exotic animals. Doesn’t that sound fun?

  • North Carolina Zoo

    Of course, we’re naming a pretty big one – the obvious, the North Carolina Zoo. The state zoo is located in Asheboro, NC and your chance to see tons of different animals. Explore different animals and plants throughout the zoo during your time there. You can see up close and personal, lions, elephants, river otter, giraffes, zebras, and more! Sounds like a place I need to go for sure.

  • Carolina Tiger Rescue

    Want to visit a tiger rescue? Personally, I have never thought of it but it looks pretty cool to me! So, head to the Carolina Tiger Rescue and check out some wild cats. The rescue is your chance to learn more about and see tigers that have found sanctuary at this rescue spot.

  • Carolina Raptor Center

    Are you a fan of birds? Well, this might be the perfect spot for you. The Carolina Raptor Center is for the  exploration and rehabilitation of birds of prey. Visit and walk a trail to explore the different species that are in house. There are more than 30 birds of prey for you to see up close and personal. Cool, right?

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