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Thanks To Lee Brice, Scotty McCreery Will Be Cheering On NC State In The Final Four

Thanks To Lee Brice, Scotty McCreery Will Be Cheering On NC State In The Final Four. And still performing his scheduled show that night. I remember it like it was yesterday, watching American Idol and there was a video of Scotty McCreery at his home in Garner, NC with an NC State blanket on his bed. I lived in Raleigh at the time, as a student at NC State. McCreery would go on to win American Idol and also to enroll in NC State. While our time as students didn't cross (he was a freshman the fall after I graduated) I have seen him around campus numerous times. Whether he was singing the national anthem at a football game or tailgating with friends. I've always loved his passion (which I certainly share) for the Wolfpack. In fact, I have numerous photos of him and I both giving the wolf sign. Scotty McCreery NC State McCreery resides in Raleigh now and attends a lot of NC State events. It's been fun to watch the world fall in love with this NC State basketball team that is headed to the Final Four. Actually, both the men's and women's teams will battle this weekend for a chance to play in their respective National Championship games. But it's been even more fun to watch fans like myself and Scotty who have quite literally waited their entire lives for this moment. If you haven't been in this situation you can't even imagine how magical it feels. He has continuously talked about it on social media including his dedication to wearing the same hoodie for every game. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5MVqvsPCnI/ And when our men's team won the game against Duke Sunday night to secure the first trip to the Final Four since 1983 fans started asking Scotty "Are you going?". https://www.instagram.com/p/C5MoM0osY_W/ And his response, which can be seen a little over a minute into the video above, was pure gold. He said he would love to but he has a show scheduled as part of a music festival in San Diego, CA. He threw some shade at Eric Church saying he could cancel and also alluded to the fact that he actually went to the school he's a fan of. And I couldn't love him more for that. The Final Four Church if you didn't know canceled a show two years ago when UNC played Duke in the Final Four. A lot of people, myself included were highly critical of that. Church, a North Carolina native, went to school at Appalachian State but is a UNC fan. Typical. And Scotty said despite how much he wants to support his team and be a part of this historic moment in NC State sports history, he's not going to pull out of a show. Fast forward to last night. Scotty posts another video, this time announcing that he will be going to the Final Four. And playing his show. And it's all thanks to Lee Brice. The Wolfpack plays Saturday in Phoenix at 3 pm Arizona time. Scotty was scheduled to be on stage in San Diego at 6 pm which would be cutting it too close for him to do both. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5UNaDzv4-K/ But on the schedule, Lee Brice was scheduled to play at 7:30 pm. So he figured what's the harm in asking Brice, a Clemson fan, to switch? And Lee Brice, being the amazing human he is said absolutely. He told Scotty, "If it's important to you it's important to me." So they switched time slots. And now Scotty will get to attend the game in Phoenix but also make it to San Diego to perform his show. While I can't make it to Phoenix (though if we win on Saturday and make it to Monday I may say let's try) I am thrilled that he gets to be there. While I hope it isn't, this may be a once-in-a-generation experience. Scotty, I know you'll be wearing that lucky sweatshirt and do your best to cheer us to victory! And Lee Brice we all owe you one buddy! Thanks for getting Scotty McCreery to the Final Four to support NC State. Go Pack, why not us? Bring us another trophy home to Raleigh. I can promise you no one in the country wants this more than Wolfpack fans. [select-listicle listicle_id="515789" syndication_name="nc-state-final-four-run-mens-and-womens-teams" description="yes"]  

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