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Legendary North Carolina Meteorologist Retires

You talk about a hell of a run?  On Wednesday night, Steve Udelson hung up his weather forecasting helmet with WSOC-TV, Channel 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He'd been with the station for 27 years.  Nearly three decades of meteorology in the Queen City, that's quite the accomplishment. In my years in the broadcasting business, I've been fortunate enough to be around a lot of TV weather forecasters.  There are a couple of things they all have in common.  First, they are all weather geeks.  To a one, they all get weirdly giddy at the notion of weather changes of any kind.  They are like that nerdy kid in chemistry class than mouths the word, "cool," at every experiment.  Two, and this is the big one, they are all really committed to the people of the communities they serve. The best TV weather people are not unlike (to me) doctors, clergy and first responders in that they feel called to use their knowledge to help others.  The reason why they are so "geeky" when it comes to weather is that they sincerely want to inform people of changes in the weather to help in their lives.  In other words, people like Steve Udelson aren't just fascinated and excited by a coming hurricane, but they are obsessed with "getting it right" so that people have all the information they need to stay safe from harm.  Most of the time, this inherent community service stretches beyond the weather forecasting.  Steve Udelson is no exception.  You cannot mention his name without mentioning, "Steve's Coats For Kids" annual campaign. For twenty years, Steve has spearheaded a drive to provide kids with warm coats for the cold winter months.  In that time, he has helped more than a quarter million boys and girls.  That's a wow. 250,000 children who never had to face the harshness of winter cold because Steve Udelson cares.  That's quite the legacy. On Wednesday night, Steve Udelson delivered his final weather forecast on WSOC after 27 years.  Job well done on all fronts.  Udelson is succeeded by a longtime co-worker.  John Ahrens is a certified meteorologist who has been with the station since 2006. He's got some big boots or in this case, jackets to fill. https://twitter.com/JohnAhrensWSOC9/status/1762970859830915455 [select-listicle listicle_id="443066" syndication_name="north-south-carolina-are-some-of-the-rainiest-states-in-the-u-s" description="yes"]

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