These Are The 10 Most Popular Video Games In North Carolina

Esports are taking the world by storm. I'll admit it though, I just don't get the appeal of watching someone else play a video game. But I also realize I'm in the minority on that these days. In recent years esport games have been steadily gaining fans across the world. And just in the past twelve months, the search volume for ‘big esport games’ has increased by +210% in the US alone! But if you are new to that world where do you being? First would be discovering the most beloved esport games that US gamers simply can’t get enough of. And to do that, has used social listening data to figure out what the most popular video games are. With this data, they created a ranking of the top 20 most loved competitive e-sport games in the US as well as the top 10 games for each state. So what are the most popular video games in North Carolina? The winner came in with over 3x the amount of searches as the second place game. The top 3, were League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant, though the difference between 2 and 3 was even more drastic than 1 and 2. There are clearly two games that are by far the most popular! The top 10 most popular video games in North Carolina are as follows:

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