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Here’s Why Our Phones Will Be Alerting Us All At Once This Week

We're used to getting scores of notifications daily on our phones.  However, some are a bit different than the others.  And, here's why everyone's phones will be alerting users this week.  Get ready for an alarm at 2:20 p.m. ET this Wednesday, October 4.  But, why is this happening?   It's because of EAS tests on phones or WEA. According to WHDH, the federal government is conducting nationwide EAS tests on phones in addition to the ones we typically hear on TV and radio.  We're familiar with the EAS tones we hear on TV and radio.  But the WEA sends alarms to any cell phone owned by consumers.  And, along with the alarm, prepare to get a text indicating no action is necessary. Of course, these tests have taken place plenty of times before.  And, according to reports sometimes mistakes happen, such as the one earlier this year in Florida.  Apparently, a software company contracted to conduct tests, mistakenly sent alarms to phones in the state before 5 a.m.  Understandably, the state ended its relationship with the company after the incident. So, just be aware that phones everywhere will be sounding off during this alert Wednesday around 2:20.  Not to literally alarm you, but to test the effectiveness of the system.  And, for more info about previous tests or the system in general read the full story from WHDH. [select-gallery gallery_id="423885" syndication_name="new-car-features-people-struggle-with-the-most" description="yes"]

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