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Carolina Panthers Report Card: How Our Team Scored

The second annual National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) report has been released. "For many years, our players brought up the idea of creating a 'Free Agency Guide' that would illuminate what the daily experience is for players and their families at each team," they stated. In 2023, they created the first version of that guide. Players were more informed about how their workplace compared to others across the NFL. According to the NFLPA, some clubs made "immediate" improvements based on the information they published. So, how did the Carolina Panthers score? The Survey Gives Carolina Panthers "Okay" Grades Overall, the Carolina Panthers ranked 17th in their player survey. The survey noted that they saw several improvements to their facility. Some of these changes include changes made in their cafeteria, hiring a new head chef, and major renovations. "100% of returning player respondents said that the cafeteria/ food program improved from last year," they wrote. In the survey, they pointed out that the major issue "bringing down" the team grade comes from the responding players' belief that the club owner David Tepper is "not willing to invest the necessary money into the facilities." How Grading Works? The grading scale follows a letter grade system from highest to lowest. A+, A, and A- indicate excellent performance. B+, B, and B- indicate good performance. C+, C, and C- indicate satisfactory performance. D+, D, D-, F, and F- indicate less than satisfactory performance. They also follow a weighted scale that includes categories such as head coach, team, travel, locker room, training room, treatment of families, and club owners, among others. In the first year of the survey, they had slightly more than 1,300 responses, which is about a 60% participation rate league-wide, said the NFLPA. This year, they had 1,706 active NFL players complete the survey in full, which they said is more than a 77% response rate. Check the Carolina Panthers' complete report card here. [select-listicle listicle_id="726083" syndication_name="5-nfl-teams-that-will-look-very-different-in-2024" description="yes"]

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