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North Carolina Is Home To This Largest Museum In US

One of the things that is on a bucket list for me (that, admittedly will NEVER happen unless the lottery comes in) is to own a log cabin home.  I've always been fascinated by them.  All those hours playing with Lincoln Logs as a boy, I guess.  We've made multiple trips to the mountains of North Carolina where we've stayed in log cabins and each time only fuels my longing more. Anyway, one place that is now on my must visit list is Hart Square Village in Vale.  This treasure of Catawba County is the largest log cabin museum in the United States with 103 log cabin structures on 250 acres.  How have I not heard about this?!  Literally it's like stepping into a time machine and stepping out in the 17 and 1800s.  Hart Square Village is utterly amazing. It all began when Dr. Bob Hart purchased the 200-acre property in 1967.  He moved his first log cabin to the site in 1973.  From there, with the help of others, Hart Village just kept growing to the 103-structure tribute to history that it is today.  In 2005, The Hart Village Foundation was created for the site's preservation.  The village was completed in 2019.  Dr. Bob passed away peacefully in his cabin in March of 2020.  However, thanks to the foundation, Dr. Bob's legacy lives on. According to the Hart Village website, at Hart Square Foundation, we continue to work daily to share the village and his memory. The collection is shared through annual events, membership, folkways classes, and field trip programming.  Speaking of special programming, there's still time (but I wouldn't wait!) to be a part of the Hart Village's Christmas Celebration.   Experience the magic of Christmas! Walk through the nation’s largest log cabin village by lantern light. Guests will be invited inside to interact with historical docents and observe artists demonstrating popular yuletide traditions of Early America. See everything from candle making to wreath making and stocking sewing. There will be nearly 20 historical demonstrations. Church services will be taking place throughout the event.  Enjoy historical Brunswick stew, vegetable stew, corn bread, apple cider, fire-roasted chestnuts, and cookies.  The event takes place Saturday and Sunday December 2 and 3.  And tickets can be purchased on the website. I don't know about you, but this would be a unique and truly memorable Christmas activity for the entire family.  Hart Village, the nation's largest log cabin museum is located in Vale, NC, in Catawba County. [select-listicle listicle_id="422219" syndication_name="north-carolina-museum-makes-list-of-most-unique" description="yes"]

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