High Heels Are Really Bad For Your Health

You can take one look at me and tell I am not a high heels girl. You are more likely to find me wearing a nice pairs of Chucks or a good boot.   I think high heels look pretty but I'm built for comfort not style. As it turns out, high heels are reportedly really bad for your health. The New York Post is warning women that wearing high heels is now more dangerous than ever.  The paper says stiletos are mostly the problem.  They can cause hammer toes, bunions, back stress, tight hip flexors and chronic back pain. To reduce the risk, doctors have a pretty simple solution.  They say wear "kitten heels" or shorter heels for shorter periods of time.  We are pretty lucky where I work, no one that work on the air wears heels.  I would be in trouble if that was expected.  To learn more about how high heels are really band for your health, get details from the New York Post right here. [select-listicle listicle_id="312653" syndication_name="make-a-postive-impact-on-fashion-with-these-tips-for-a-greener-wardrobe" description="yes"]