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The Carolina Panthers Are The 1st Team In A Decade To Accomplish This Painful Feat

So all of us Carolina Panthers fans know this season has been pretty bad so far. The Panthers have set a new record in futility. This is a record you don't want to claim, but the Carolina Panthers are the 1st team in a decade to accomplish this painful feat. The Panthers' season is off to a record start - and not in the way they were hoping. The 0-4 Panthers are the first team in a decade to lose their first four games of the season despite leading in each of those games. In fairness, those leads have been narrow. Other than a 10-0 lead in the second quarter of Sunday's loss to the Vikings, all their leads have been by four points or less. The Panther's rookie quarterback Bryce Young is in need of some help at receiver. Here's some good news. According to Bleacher Report insider Jordan Schultz, the Panthers have made it their "top priority" to bring in an elite pass-catcher who can aid Young. The Panthers will try to get their first win of the season when they visit the Lions on Sunday. What has been the Panthers' biggest problem so far this season? [select-listicle listicle_id="465799" syndication_name="here-are-the-top-5-most-attractive-carolina-panthers-players-for-2023" description="yes"]