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6 Burger Restaurants In Charlotte People Love

While it's not officially summer yet, that has not stopped folks from firing up the grill. Here are six burger restaurants in Charlotte that people love. And what better way to kick off any summer cookout than with a nice charcoal-grilled burger! Now you may be asking just what makes the great burger? I got a few tips from Burger Republic, a popular burger restaurant in Tennessee. According to the chefs there, there are some 'must-have's' when it comes to creating a 'great' burger. They include: Taste - When you're talking about a 'great' burger, it all begins in the flavor. So that also begs the question "What kind of beef is being used?" According to Burger Republic, the best burgers are made with certified Angus Beef. These Angus Beef burgers are loaded with flavor and just the right amount of fat for top-tier juiciness. No burger - whether it's beef, turkey or vegan - should be bland. Burger thickness - A great burger has the right amount of density. It needs to be thick enough to hold the flavor, but not so thick that it's like eating a meatloaf and doesn't allow for condiments. Condiments - And speaking of condiments, a great burger has toppings that compliment the experience. According to GrubHub, mayonnaise is the most popular condiment requested for a burger. Mustard and ketchup are not far behind. The chefs at Burger Republic suggest to take your burger up a notch, consider adding aioli (a mixture of ketchup and mayo) Fresh toppings - With a top-tier burger, only top-tier toppings will do. Consider adding fresh toppings to the burger like carmelized onions, maplewood bacon or even fresh mushrooms. The fresher the toppings, the better. Toasted bun - Ahhh - nothing says a great burger, like a nice, lightly buttered and toasted bun. Chefs at Burger Republic say a brioche bun or even a pretzel bun is a sure win! Now that we have the essentials for a great burger, now on to some of the spots in the Queen City that offer great burgers like these. In fact, these are six of the burger spots that people rave about. Check them out for yourself! Best Burger Restaurants in Charlotte!

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