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These Are North Carolina’s Best Hidden Gem Restaurants

There are restaurants that deservedly receive a lot of attention and publicity. And typically for great reason. But now it’s time to delve into some different restaurants. Not necessarily the newest or the trendiest, but definitely some of the best. And these two restaurants in North Carolina are wonderful hidden gems. They were named amongst the top 25 hidden gem restaurants on TripAdvisor's recently released Best of the Best list. This list is nationwide so to have any restaurant included is impressive, but to have 3 of the 25 is certainly something to be proud of. North Carolina Hidden Gem Restaurants First is Haywood Smokehouse in Waynesville, North Carolina. Haywood Smokehouse is a Texas-style barbecue restaurant that serves specialty meats; fresh, house-made sausages, house-made sauces, and more. You can view the menu here. The other North Carolina hidden gem restaurant is Cafe Pamlico on Hatteras Island. It's located inside the Inn at Pamlico Sound and is the premier casual fine dining restaurant in the area. They serve contemporary coastal cuisine featuring locally sourced seafood, meats, and produce. You can view the menu here. Not only did North Carolina get recognized multiple times on this list, but three South Carolina restaurants did as well. Other states that got some love include New York, Tennessee, and Florida. Each of those states had multiple restaurants make the list as well. How were these restaurants selected for this top 25 list from TripAdvisor? TripAdvisor says that the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best restaurants that have "a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews" from users over a 12-month period. Fewer than 1% of Tripadvisor’s 8 million listings are awarded Best of the Best. You can read the full list and more about the 2 North Carolina Hidden Gems Award winners here. Love a restaurant and want us to highlight it? Let us know on social media!   [select-listicle listicle_id="438245" syndication_name="the-best-restaurants-in-each-of-the-50-largest-cities-towns-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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