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Wanna Be A Summer Movie Extra In Chapel Hill? Here’s How

Be honest, there isn't one of us who has ever watched a movie or TV show and not wondered what it would be like to live that life. Or, at the very least, wondered what it's like to make that Hollywood magic. Well, here's your chance to find out the latter for sure. A summer movie extra casting call has gone out for a production in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Who's Sent Out The Summer Movie Extra Casting Call? This July, Cherrix Casting is “looking for men and women, aged 18-65+, from all backgrounds and ethnicities, to portray campus background roles.” Technically speaking, the project is being referred to as “Strawberry Fields.” However, 99% of these are fake/code names (to throw fanatics off the scent). Based upon looking at Cherrix's website and online speculation, a good bet is that this casting call is for the Amazon Prime series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” What Are The Details Of This Summer Movie Casting Call? Should you want to be a part of this opportunity, here's what you need to know. For starters, you must be available to work July 8-10. Also, if you're not a morning person, you probably need not apply. Extras should expect an early morning call time (around 6am), and be prepared to work a 12-hour day. And yes, you WILL be paid! Extras on this project can expect to receive $134 for 10 hours. Overtime pay will be paid for anything longer. How Do You Apply To Be A Summer Movie Extra In Chapel Hill? Alright aspiring actors, here's what you need to know to be a part of this movie-making magic experience next month in Chapel Hill. Reach out via email to: [email protected]. In the subject line, note the date you're applying for. For example, in this case, perhaps you'd write:” Chapel Hill July 8,” “Chapel Hill July 9” or “Chapel Hill July 10.” Also, include the following info in your email correspondence: A recent photo Your phone number First and last name Age Height All clothing sizes AND GOOD LUCK!

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