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Does Your Dog Actually Dream?

Most dog owners have at some point wondered "does my dog actually dream?" Surprisingly, this popular question has already been answered. VCA Animal Hospitals says that there is actually a lot of evidence that dogs do in fact dream. There has been scientific research done on the brain waves of dogs when sleeping. This research showed that dog brain waves during sleep are extremely close to what human brain waves look like during sleep. When it comes to how long a dog might dream the answers vary. On average a dog may start dreaming 20 minutes after falling asleep. Sometimes while dreaming a dog may even twitch or seem like they are running in their sleep. Small dogs seem to dream more than larger dogs dog. However, when smaller dogs do dream, it is usually for a shorter time period than larger dogs. The age of a dog can also change how often they dream. For example, puppies seem to dream a lot more frequently than fully grown dogs. This is likely because puppies are experiencing many things for the first time and have a lot more to process each day than older dogs. [select-listicle listicle_id="342136" syndication_name="here-are-the-breeds-of-dogs-most-likely-to-damage-your-home" description="yes"]

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