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St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Games and Crafts for Your Virtual St. Paddy’s Day Festivities

Even though our gatherings are still small or virtual, you can’t go wrong with a few festive games and crafts. Try these 11 ideas to liven up your St. Patrick’s Day this year! St. Patrick’s Day Games These games are great for small family gatherings, and multiple small families gathered virtually: St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Add a green or shamrock-themed background to your Zoom call and grab screenshots of family and friends decked out in their greenest! If you have the time and inclination, you might send the other party-goers some photo booth props ahead of time. Use these free printables or order some like these from Party City. Gold Hunt This activity is especially fun if you have kids in attendance - turn everyone into a leprechaun by hiding gold (chocolate coins) around the house. Hide a whole pot of them in your most clever hiding spots and decide if the winner has to share their spoils or keeps the lot! Irish Dancing Contest Prime this activity by watching a few minutes of Irish Dancing videos, then put on some Irish step dancing music and take turns cutting a rug. If you’re in the same location, award adult winners with a pint of Guinness or a shot of Jameson, and award the young ones with shamrock sugar cookies. Freeze Jig For a simpler dance activity, play your favorite Irish music for everyone to dance to and instruct them to freeze when you pause the music. The last one to freeze is out. Repeat until you have crowned the king or queen of the jig! Head to Head Lucky Charms Competition Pick one of the games from Play Party Plan and have contestants from various party groups compete to see who can complete the St. Patrick’s Day challenge first. (For virtual gatherings, this would include each side creating the game materials ahead of time). Games include getting the Lucky Charms from one 1-liter bottle to another or doing the “Shamrock Shake” to get all 20 ping pong balls out of the tissue box they strap to their waist. Who's the Leprechaun? In this group game, one person leaves the room, and the others decide on a “leprechaun” to lead them in a gesture or dance move that they all repeat. The leprechaun should be sneaky about initiating the movement so that the person coming back in the room can’t tell right away who it is.  [caption id="attachment_342702" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Photo by David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock[/caption] St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Crafts add a little focus and memorable fun to holiday gatherings for all ages. These festive ideas use lots of easy-to-find craft materials that members of a virtual gathering might have around the house or could grab easily from the store. Get crafty with toilet paper and paper towel rolls: Leprechaun Hat  This cute green leprechaun hat is adorned with a gold sequin buckle. It could also be the perfect prize for some of the activities listed above. Rainbow Windcatcher Participants will love leaving your party with their own rainbow wind catchers! Paint a paper towel tube with rainbow-colored stripes, then complete the catcher with green ribbon streamers and paper shamrock accents.  Fun with paper: Paper Quilled Shamrock Cards These rainbow cards are a little more advanced as they involve shaping cut paper tubes into shamrock leaves and then rolling small strips of paper to fill them in. But they make beautiful and bright postcards or wall decorations! Paper Fan Shamrock Decoration If all you have is green paper, check out these instructions for an easy and fun paper fan shamrock! They also make great decorations if you want to prep a few before the party. Four Leaf Clover Suncatcher Stick a clover outline to a sheet of contact paper and cover it in tiny squares of tissue paper in varying shades of green. Then hang in a window, and who knows, maybe you’ll catch a little extra luck with that sun! This St. Patrick’s Day is full of opportunities to celebrate with your favorite people. Use these ideas to make your holiday gathering fun, festive, and crafty!    For more articles like this click here!