North Carolina Businesses Get ‘Love Is Blind’ Boost

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from a friend who runs a restaurant in Charlotte with a screen grab.  Apparently, he got some free love with video footage of the exterior of his business from Netflix's "Love is Blind."  The popular reality show on the streaming service had its latest season set and filmed in The Queen City.  And his business was not alone.  A couple of other Charlotte business didn't just get some free publicity love from the show but have seen a boost in business from "Love is Blind." Nicole Steiger is the owner and operator of The Savvy Bride Boutique.  Their twenty minutes of fame on "Love is Blind" has already had impact.  The boutique has a social media manager.  She's had to have her hours extended.  The Savvy Bride Boutique, a Charlotte area business, is now getting inquiries from as far away as Canada!  Obviously, this excites Nicole Steiger as she tells WSOC-TV she is “Hoping that continues because it’s been really fun just getting our business out there.”  And it's always a sign that things are going well when your latest Facebook post is a help wanted solicitation. Orlando Botero is the owner of "Lost and Found" nightclub.  "Lost and Found" just casually mentioned his business (not unlike my restauranteur friend).  He's seen a bump in business and social media traffic as a result.  Yup, if you've been making TikTok's with "Lost and Found's" sign in the background, it's not escaped Orlando Botero's notice.  And he and his club have leaned into the recognition as well by hosting "Lost and Found" watch parties. Shout out to "Love is Blind."  And more important, shout out to The Charlotte Regional Film Commission.  This is the organization that helps production teams with locations, crew and vendors.  In the last fiscal year, they have helped the film industry bring in nearly $60 million to the QC. [select-listicle listicle_id="421553" syndication_name="number-of-north-carolina-reality-tv-singing-competition-winners-is-second-in-the-nation" description="yes"]

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