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4 Of The Most Anticipated Comic Cons Coming To South Carolina This Fall

You don't have to fly to San Diego to get your ComicCon fix. There are actually four different Comic Con events in South Carolina this fall. And full disclosure I only know the San Diego one is a thing because I happened to be flying into San Diego the weekend of ComicCon several years ago. While this is not an area I am familiar with it is one that is immensely popular across the US. I used to work with a girl whose skills for making costumes honestly rivaled that of anyone at Disney. Unfortunately, my idea of costumes is either an old dance costume or something on par with what you'd wear to a themed college party. But I'm ok with that. I also haven't seen most of the movies or read any comic books that are typically featured at Comicon events. But if it brings someone happiness no judgment here. So if you are looking to get your fantasy or cosplay fix but missed the San Diego events don't worry. There are actually 118 more events taking place nationwide between now and the end of the year. Wow, there is certainly a large market for these sorts of events. This includes four Comic Cons in South Carolina. There is actually one event in the next four months August- November. They span multiple areas of the state as well. Our friends at LoveHolidays actually ranked all the events and shared those rankings with us. But I have a feeling you want the closest which is the info I've got for you. Below you'll find the 4 Comic Cons coming to South Carolina this fall. Each listing will include the dates, city, venue, website, and a short description. As someone who always wondered what happened when a group of people showed up dressed in costumes at an event, I have to say this was informative. I knew the cosplay part the "what do you actually do" was always a question for me. Now I know a little bit more! Without further ado here are the 4 South Carolina ComicCon events coming up!

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