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This Dangerous TikTok Trend Could Lead To Cancer

Chances are this summer you will find yourself out in the sun for an extended period of time. Whether that is at the beach, pool, sporting event, concert, or something else in the sun. You may have seen on TikTok an anti-sunscreen movement. But it's important to know that this is a dangerous TikTok trend, not based on science, and could lead to cancer. Countless videos like the one below have popped up telling people not to wear sunscreen. The Anti Sunscreen Movement Is A Dangerous TikTok Trend That Could Have Dire Consequences https://www.tiktok.com/@halli.smith/video/7328511870652960042?q=anti%20sunscreen&t=1717597381568 This is just one example, another being Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame. In fact her video of this has been stiched on the social media platform time and time again by dermatologists with a dire warning against this dangerous TikTok trend. It is being referred to as the anti-sunscreen movement which essentially encourages skipping sunscreen entirely. Which, despite these influencers' claims does in fact increase your risk of sun damage and skin cancer. In fact, it increases it exponentially. But don't take my word for it, here is a dermatologist's response to Kristin's viral video: https://www.tiktok.com/@ellengendlermd/video/7359608872887143711?q=kristin%20cavallari%20sunscreen&t=1717597643128 TikTok’s Anti Sunscreen Movement On TikTok, the hashtag #AntiSunscreen has amassed over 5.3 million views. That is a lot of people who have been exposed to this dangerous misinformation. While most I believe are smart enough to know that this doesn't add up, I do hope that those who have questions seek further clarification. New data shared with us by our friends at Glam, shows that questions are being asked. Google searches, for "Does sunscreen cause cancer" show an increase of 160% in the past 30 days. People are also looking for "free skin cancer screening near me" and "How do I know if I have skin cancer". With those searches increasing by 400% and 250%, respectively. The fact of the matter is, that skipping sunscreen increases your risk of skin cancer. Not only that but it accelerates aging. Plain and simple the anti sunscreen movement is a dangerous TikTok trend. As someone who has had skin cancer, at a fairly young age statistically, I can't emphasize enough that you don't want to go through that. I was lucky that mine was less serious than other types of skin cancer. But even still, it is painful and not fun, can leave a scar, and is not cheap to deal with. Chances are I will go through this multiple other times in my lifetime thanks to genetics. But I can promise you I do everything I can to decrease that risk. "Seeking health advice from content creators can be dangerous," Dr. Mariano Busso, a Beverly Hills board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, exclusively told Glam.  "Using sunscreen has been scientifically proven to protect skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, including both UVB and UVA rays. By not using sunscreen, you are greatly increasing your odds of sun cancer," he warned. But can sunscreen really cause cancer like these influencers claim? "This contention has been studied and debunked," said Busso. But if you are concerned about chemicals in sunscreen, try using physical sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These are not absorbed by the skin. So do yourself a favor and don't listen to the dangerous TikTok Trend of the anti sunscreen movement. It's not worth it. I promise.

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