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These Are the Most Popular Names in North Carolina

Are you contemplating some baby names? Or maybe you are just wondering if your name is a popular name. Well, either way, that's why I am here with some information for you. Did you know there are specific names that are popular in each state? Well, we're taking a look at what names are the most popular for North Carolina. Nameberry is naming the most popular names in every state. As someone with a pretty rare name for a girl, I am never really expecting to see my own name on these lists. But, I am always intrigued to see what names do appear. Each of North Carolina's top names also ranks in the national top 10. Just like me, tons of unisex names are also on the list which are always my favorites. The top two boy and girl names for North Carolina are Liam and Olivia. Are either of those your names? Check out the list below of the top 5 boy and girl names in North Carolina. Girls Olivia Amelia Charlotte (how ironic) Ava Emma Boys Liam Noah William Oliver James Wondering what other names are on the list? Check out the full report here and see if you have a popular or a rare name. Trust me, it gets quite interesting!

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