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Country 1037 #2Gether Making Strides Virtual Challenge

October 5 - November 1

Join Country 1037 and 4-Week Virtual Challenge! Starting October 5th through November 1st!
Join the Movement, Fund the Future

Making Strides has always been more than just a walk, it’s a movement. Because of the pandemic, how we unite and fight back this fall will look different but our passion to end breast cancer is the same. In 2020, we are making it easier for anyone, anywhere to make an impact. We know the future can be free from breast cancer. We’re asking you to join the movement and sign up to save lives.

Here’s how it works…

5e8cea960cc06.png Register for the challenge. The cost is $40 (plus $10 for the hoodie) and we’ll send out your shirt, tank, or hoodie within 10 business days. Just want the apparel? Click Register and choose Apparel Only.
5e8ceab29ac33.png Run, walk, hike, or bike each week! The challenge runs from October 5 – November 1.
5e8ceac791270.png Post your activities each week into the Virtual Results. You can post as many activities as you want to reach your goal each week.
5e8cead60768f.png Cross your fingers! On four Mondays during the challenge, we’ll pick a random winner from each level (Level I, Level II, Level III) to win a prize!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2020 Kickoff Video

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