Meet the man who KNOWS how to ride and is helping me on my Journey.

I wasn’t born on the back of a horse or really anywhere near a barn.  I started kinda late ya’ll and it was the most awkward feeling in the world at first.  I had a great instructor that got me started, many fine horse men and women along the way that continue to show me,  but the guy that has helped me the most by far is a cowboy that has done this a minute or two that goes by one name, Grayson.

I met him on the trail about eight years ago and we have been inseparable buddies almost ever since.  He is that teacher, mentor and friend that takes your passion , then REALLY goes above and beyond to show and teach you everything he can.  I have got such  a long way to go but grateful for this ol cowboy.   Want to REALLY improve what you are passionate about?  Find yourself a Grayson.