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WILMINGTON, NC - SEPTEMBER 14: Firefighters arrive at a home where a large tree fell on that had three people trapped, after Hurricane Florence hit the area, on September 14, 2018 in Wilmington, North Carolina. One man was taken out of the home in critical condition, and the condition of two others is unknown. Hurricane Florence hit Wilmington as a category 1 storm causing widespread damage and flooding along the Carolina coastline. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Even though Wilmington is still flooded, the community is already hard at work rebuilding and cleaning up.

Although the city is still cut off due to major flooding and fallen trees, officials are planning on airlifting water and food in. The supplies will be distributed at three drop points, those locations will be announced this morning.

Yesterday, a Harris Teeter opened up and allowed 10 people at a time inside to shop and a Waffle House opened to serve hungry neighbors.

If you evacuated the city and New Hanover County, authorities are asking that you continue to stay away. According to NBC news, “It’s dark here. It’s hot here. Businesses are not open. The county is not fully operational. We understand that people want to get back and check on their homes, but we really ask that they stay patient until it’s safe for them to come home.”

Are you looking for ways to donate and help? Here’s a list of relief organizations.