Many states are banning Russian Vodka over the nation’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. As a result, you may be asking yourself the question “what Vodka can I drink?” The good news is you still have plenty of options. While people commonly associate vodka with Russia much of what we drink in the United States isn’t Russian at all. In fact, there are really only a few vodkas that are being banned:

  • Russian Standard
  • Beluga Noble Russian
  • Beluga Noble
  • Russian Gold Vodka Zyr Russian

So that actually leaves you with a lot of options. You may not even notice Vodka missing from your local liquor stores. And actually, one that people commonly mistake for being Russian is made in Latvia. Many of your favorites are made right here in the US as well as in Sweden and other places in Europe. And with summer fast approaching there are plenty of Vodkas to put in that Moscow mule, vodka soda, or my personal favorite vodka lemonade. And whether you make your drink at home or enjoy it on a patio you can do so knowing you aren’t supporting the Russian economy. So feel good about your drink and as always make sure you drink responsibly. Cheers!