We are getting closer to our Stage of Stars show at Coyote Joes on November 16th. If you are planning to get tickets do so now as they are going very fast! Of course, they are. Where else can you see Chris Young, Randy Houser, Justin Moore, and Walker Hayes on one stage? Any one of them is a sell-out crowd, but the four of them together will be electric!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these four superstars together on stage in an intimate acoustic show. And if you are as excited as we at Country 1037 are then you probably have a list of 100 songs you want to hear at the Stage of Stars. And while you won’t get to hear every single hit from our artists- let’s face it they just have too many- you will get to hear a bunch!

So to contain my personal excitement for this show I compiled a list of 12 songs (3 from each artist) that I can’t wait to hear on the Country 1037 Superstage at Coyote Joes on November 16th. It was nearly impossible to narrow my list down this far. I tried to include songs they are likely to play. (I’m still bitter that Drowning by Chris Young wasn’t a massive hit and I truly thought it was worthy of Song of The Year). I digress, however.

Do you agree with my choices? What songs can you not wait to hear at Stage of Stars? Let us know on social media and we will try to get your suggestions heard! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet you can do so here and get all the info you need here.

  • Chris Young At The End Of The Bar

    Chris has seemingly a million hits, but I’d be willing to be he will make time to perform his latest number one song At The End Of Bar.

  • Justin Moore If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

    While this song is over a decade old at this point, time only makes me grow fonder of it. While it’s a sad song that usually brings me to tears I still hope we get to hear an acoustic version of If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.

  • Walker Hayes Fancy Like

    You know this one is getting sung, who else will be joining me on the dance?

  • Randy Houser Note To Self

    Love love love this song by Randy Houser and I cannot wait to hear his sultry voice perform it. Everything he sings is even better in person, you can’t say that about many artists.

  • Chris Young Gettin You Home

    I don’t need this menu, no I don’t… I already know just what I want and it’s to hear Chris Young sing this iconic intro.

  • Justin Moore With A Woman You Love

    Justin’s latest hit is sure to deliver on stage!

  • Walker Hayes 90s Country

    This songs feels like worlds ago for Walker Hayes but it will always be a favorite!

  • Randy Houser Running Out Of Moonlight

    I could gush over Randy for hours, but this song live speaks for itself.

  • Chris Young Famous Friends

    Chris Young has so many songs to put in this spot, and I debated between several. Ultimately I landed on this guilty please song. Also how fun would it be for a sing-along with all the artists doing this song maybe to close out the show?

  • Justin Moore Small Town USA

    I think I just have a soft spot for old songs, especially old Justin Moore songs. Again there are so many I could choose, but I keep coming back to this one. Here’s to hoping Coyote Joes turns into Small Town USA.

  • Walker Hayes Ya'll Life

    You know Walker Hayes won’t leave the stay without performing his latest smash hit.

  • Randy Houser Like A Cowboy

    Perhaps my favorite Randy Houser song, this one is sure to excite the crowd at Coyote Joes!