NSAI Songwriter-Artist of the Decade honoree, Taylor Swift performs onstage during NSAI 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards at Ryman Auditorium on September 20, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you missed it Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour this morning on Good Morning America. The tour will kick off in March and play stadiums across the US before heading overseas. Unfortunately, she will not be playing in Charlotte but Atlanta is just a short drive and I would highly recommend seeing a show at Mercedes Benz Stadium. This will be the first tour that Taylor does that is not for a specific album. It makes sense, the last time she toured was for reputation and she has released 4 new albums and 2 Taylor’s Version re-recordings since then. This feels like the best way to include as much as possible in a tour. But what could possibly be included on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist?

The Setlist Predictions

As your resident Taylor Swift fan, I’m here to offer my thoughts. For starters I’ve been to every headlining tour Taylor has done a minimum of twice so I feel like I’m qualified to speak on this topic. Being called the Era’s Tour we can assume each era will be represented on the setlist. I don’t expect more than one maybe two songs from Debut. For most of the other albums, I picked 3 songs , with a combined 4 from Folklore and Evermore. I went with 5 from Midnights since it’s the most recent release. I’d be shocked if these aren’t included. We don’t know how long of a set she will play, about 2 hours is typical for her, but here’s to hoping she throws in an intermission and goes for at least 3.

If you’ve never seen Taylor live, it’s a massive spectacle with costume and set changes and multiple stages. Literally, every song comes to life before your eyes. I can’t wait to see whatever this tour brings. Go ahead and take my money, Taylor! So below you’ll find 29 songs I expect will be included in the show. You’ll also find at the end my wishlist of songs I’d love to hear but don’t expect to be included.

29 Songs Taylor Swift Has To Included On Her Eras Tour Setlist

  • Taylor Swift (Debut Album)

  • Our Song

    Our Song is the slammin screen doors. Our Song was her first number-one song and I anticipate music from each album or “era” in her career on this tour. So while I don’t expect a lot from her debut album I can almost guarantee we will hear Our Song. It was the “last” one she continuously performed on tour so seems like a no-brainer.

  • Teardrops On My Guitar

    Like many people, this was the first Taylor Swift song I heard back in 2007. I instantly fell in love with her lyrics, and it led me to listen to more. The rest is history. Tim McGraw was the beginning but ‘Drew Looks At Me’ was where it began for a lot of fans. The nostalgia will hit hard when those lyrics start. I wonder if she will bring out the desk from the Fearless Tour?

  • Fearless

  • Love Story

    The song that skyrocketed Taylor to stardom (in my opinion) and the only song she has sung at every headlining tour she’s done. Love Story will be played (as it should be!). As someone who has been listening to Taylor Swift for 15 years at this point and first saw her in 2009, well the line “we were both young when I first saw you” will hit hard this time around.

  • You Belong With Me

    If Love Story sent Taylor Swift to the stars You Belong With Me cemented the teenager’s spot. This song will never get old. The music video still get’s recreated by fans at shows and for Halloween to this day. It’s iconic, just like the song.

  • Fearless

    I expect that we will be getting at least some of the title tracks and Fearless makes perfect sense to be included. Plus it’s one of my favorite songs on my favorite album (sorry newer fans nothing will top this album for me, ever). While this one isn’t a guarantee like some of the others, I feel good enough about it to include it on the list. Take my hand and drag me headfirst fearless into a tour of nostalgia.

  • Speak Now

  • Mean

    Speak Now is full of incredible songs and fan favorites. It didn’t however have as many massive singles as some other albums which makes selecting songs from this album a little harder. Mean however is full-blown country Taylor which certainly was an era (and one I hold close to my heart). The song won Grammy’s and made for one of the most memorable awards show performances she’s done. I expect to hear this one representing Speak Now. I’ll drink to the return of that country twang accent.

  • Long Live

    While not a single, I can’t imagine an era’s tour without Long Live. ‘I’ve had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you.’ This song is an anthem for fans, her band, and crew, and I would venture to guess Taylor herself. For those of us who grew up with her, it’s even more meaningful.

  • Sparks Fly

    Fans literally pressured Taylor into putting this song on Speak Now. If you don’t know the story, she performed it in 2006 or 2007 and a **terrible quality** live version was recorded by a fan. You couldn’t even make out all of the lyrics, but fans latched on to that song and constantly asked her about releasing it. So finally years later, she released a slightly different version of the song.

  • Red

  • All Too Well

    Whether this ends up being the 10-minute version or the original I don’t know. My heart says 10 minutes, but when every minute counts and is potentially the opportunity for even more songs, I could see it being the original. Regardless this fan and critic favorite song would shock me if it’s not included on the Era’s Tour setlist.

  • I Knew You Were Trouble

    Love Story and You Belong With Me made her a household name but I Knew You Were Trouble and the next song continued her ascent. This massive hit will surely be one we get to hear live again.

  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

    Every time I say the name of this song I’m transported back to the live stream where she announced Red. It was a surprising track name and even more surprised at the song. Her first collaboration with pop legend Max Martin was as catchy as could be. While probably not as beloved as Trouble, it is a notable moment in her career and marked the start of the Red era.

  • 1989

  • Shake It Off

    Perhaps the biggest single of an album artist’s career, Shake It Off made the reputation Tour setlist and this time will be no different. There’s nothing quite like a sold-out stadium crowd singing and dancing and shaking it off.

  • Blank Space

    Before 1989 was released I’d heard Shake It Off and we already knew this was a huge song in Taylor’s career. But I was told “the next one is better”. And in my opinion, it definitely was. Blank Space was Taylor leaning into the persona every tabloid critic gave her.  This song was such a pivotal moment for her and the energy it brings to a crowd makes it a staple to perform.

  • Style

    I honestly debated a bit on the third 1989 song to include. And this one could potentially be replaced by Wildest Dreams or even Out Of The Woods (you’ll see that one on my wishlist songs). But ultimately as a successful single I’d predict this is the one we see.

  • Reputation

  • Delicate

    The biggest single of the reputation era and an iconic track 5 Delicate is probably the first song written in for TS6. This was the last album that Taylor toured for so the last one we have a taste of the performances for. And what a performance this was (and will be).

  • Getaway Car

    This is where I go rouge. The rest of the reputation singles weren’t huge songs and the other songs on reputation are more beloved by fans. Getaway Car is one of those and perhaps the song fans most believe deserved a music video.

  • Gorgeous

    I’m not quite sure if this is the one, but it feels like the most realistic choice. There are however a handful of songs (all equally deserving) that could slide into this slot and I wouldn’t be shocked. But I’m doubling down and guessing it will be Gorgeous.

  • Lover

  • Cruel Summer

    This song would have been a single if Covid hadn’t happened I believe. Taylor and her team are heavily involved in all forms of social media and I have no doubt they know the love and the yearning fans have to see this song live. She will deliver.

  • Lover

    The title track has been one she performed many times during the promotion of Lover. It is a fantastic representation of this era of her music (one that we never got a full show of), and should be one we get to see live this summer.

  • ME!

    Don’t come for me, I know people have passionate opinions about this one. I still see it being one she performs at least once on a tour, and this would be the chance. And it’s fun and upbeat and I can only imagine the set design reflective of the music video.


  • Folklore & Evermore

    I know, I know. I adore both of these albums but while I expect they will be represented in the show I don’t know that each one will get as much time as some of her other albums. While both are my kind of album they feature overall slower songs which don’t play as well to the massive crowds on a stadium tour. So I’m thinking around 3 to 4 songs total between the sister albums.

  • Cardigan

    One of the songs Taylor chose to perform at the Grammy’s Cardigan is a good representation of Folklore and on an album that begs to be listened to in its entirety, a song that we have seen stand on its own.

  • August

    I think I’m speaking for a lot of fans when I say this is one of the favorite tracks on Folklore, plus the tour ends its US leg in August. It’s practically begging to be included. This song was huge on TikTok and it’s just so catchy and perfect. It was also party of her Grammy medley, proving she knows the curb appeal of the track.



  • Champagne Problems

    While she’s never performed this one live, it’s a fan favorite and would make for an iconic performance. Call it a bit of wishful thinking but I feel like Champagne Problems represents Evermore on the Era’s Tour. And represents it well.

  • Willow

    If I’m adding the other two Grammy performance songs to this setlist I’ll take the leap and include Willow the “lead-off” single from Evermore.

  • Midnights

    Being her newest release, I expect we get a heavy dose of Midnights on this tour. So for that reason, you’ll find 5 tracks predicted to represent the massive album. But honestly it could be more. I don’t know how long this set is going to be, but gosh there is so much that begs to be included in it.

  • Anti-Hero

    Anti-Hero is the first single released to radio from Midnights. It’s doing well and has gone viral on TikTok with the “It’s me..hi..I’m the problem it’s me…”. This one is a no-brainer to include.

  • Your On Your Own Kid

    It’s track 5. It’s catchy. And I love it. I can already hear the chorus of this song echoing through a stadium thanks to 75,000 screaming every word.


  • Lavender Haze

    In talking to a friend we have concluded there is no way this show isn’t opened with Lavender Haze. So get ready, I’m calling it now. It’s a stadium-rocking song perfect to make an entrance to.


  • Karma

    It’s catchy, but if you know you know. Taylor laughed when she announced the title of this one. Taylor fans (myself included) are CONVINCED there was an album that was supposed to be released between 1989 and reputation, and that it was going to be called Karma. If for no reason other than to troll us even more this song will be played.

  • Bejeweled

    It’s already got a music video and went viral on TikTok. She has missed sparkling and finally will get to do just that in front of her fans. I’ve missed it too bestie, I’ve missed it too.


  • Songs I Wish Would Be Included

    • Tim McGraw: Forever one of my two favorite songs by Taylor. I saw it live twice after I had accepted I wouldn’t hear it again, and I sobbed like a baby both times.
    • Cold As You: The original track 5. The fact that she wrote these lyrics at such a young age was a foreshadowing of what was to come. She’s only performed it a handful of times.
    • Fifteen: This one wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was included, but I was afraid to include it just based on a numbers game. A song that has stood the test of time, and includes my favorite lyric in the world.
    • Change: Change is personal to me, and became even more so when she played it specifically for me in Greensboro back in 2013. I’ll never forget that moment or what this song means to me.
    • Story of Us: I adore this music video, but even more so I love this song live especially when the whole arena would jump in unison. It’s just such a fun song to experience live.
    • Last Kiss: The Speak Now Tour made me fall in love with this song, it still hits hard and I’d be honored to hear it live again.
    • 22: I could have picked the entire Red album but 22 would be such a fun song to get to hear again and a lot of my choices are slower so I’ll speed up the tempo with this one.
    • Better Man: From the moment I heard Little Big Town’s version I wanted a demo of Taylor signing it and to hear her do it live.
    • Out Of The Woods: The bridge of this song. I don’t need to say anything else.
    • Clean: My favorite moment of the 1989 tour was her speeches before this song, let’s continue that tradition.
    • New Year’s Day: And my favorite moment of the reputation Stadium Tour was the mashup of Long Live/New Year’s Day. Plus NYD is my birthday so I have to love it.
    • King of My Heart: One of the stand out songs to me off reputation since day 1. I love this one, and actually wouldn’t be shocked if we did get this one on the setlist.
    • Cornelia Street: I’ll never get over the fact that LoverFest didn’t happen but this was the song I was most excited to see in that show. (I still have the outfit I bought too).
    • The Man: What I wouldn’t give to scream “I’d be just like Leo In Saint-Tropez”. 
    • The Last Great American Dynasty: I just adore this song with every fiber of my being.
    • My Tears Richocet: With Taylor’s music such an ingrained part of my life for so many years, it’s hard for me to instantly put newer songs among my favorites just because of what the older songs mean to me. This one cemented its place in my top 5 instantly.
    • Ivy: The singalong this one would bring about would be priceless.
    • Happiness: While a slower moment, this song speaks volumes and would be a moment sure to give the audience chills.
    • The Entirety of Midnights: My favorites change by the day, and this album much like Lover deserves a full tour where each song can fully come to live before our eyes.

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