To buy or what not to buy. That is the big question! Last year was stressful for shoppers due to supply chain disruptions, inflation, and the ongoing pandemic. Prices were bouncing up and down and some things were rather hard to find. The year 2022 may not eliminate all of these challenges, but it still offers the opportunity to take control of your personal budget and develop a plan to buy the things you want.

North Carolinians have money to spend this Spring. The thing is, there are certain things you want to stay away from. Although the warmer weather is tempting, try to hold off on buying certain summer staples until later. Here are the items that should stay on the back burner in April 2022.

  • 1. TVs and Electronics

    You might still find the occasional TV deal. But overall, April is far from the best time to find deals on TVs and electronics. Wait until Prime Day (which usually takes place in July) if you’re looking for a new computer or larger TV, and the rewards will be some of the best prices of the year.


  • 2. Summer Clothing

    April is a bridge between spring and summer for much of the U.S. You’ll start seeing summer clothing like shorts and sandals hitting the shelves. We suggest ignoring summer duds altogether and waiting to snap up summer fashions until later in the season. The back-to-school season holds good deals on summer clothing.

  • 3. Mattresses

    The month of April isn’t completely devoid of mattress deals. However, if you can push a mattress purchase into May, Memorial Day sales will bring deeper discounts on mattresses.

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  • Barbecues and Grills

    If your current grill can last one more season, then wait until Labor Day to replace it. That’s the time when prices will drop to new lows you just don’t see right now when everyone is thinking of summer cookouts.