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As long as movies are successful, sequels will be made.  Hollywood’s creativity loves to coast whenever it can.  Now, a popular rule of thumb is that when a movie has multiple sequels, the even numbered ones are much better than the odd.  For example, “Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan,” “Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home,” And “Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country” were MUCH better than “Start Trek:  The Motion Picture,” “Star Trek III:  The Search For Spock,” and “Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier.”  And ESPECIALLY, the third movie in a series is usually HORRID.  However, this is not always the case.  “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3” opens this weekend and is already getting great buzz.  So, assuming it is going to be as good as promised, it will join this list of “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.”


  • Rocky III

    Okay, sure it doesn’t have the dramatic gravitas of the original (People forget that “Rocky” won the Oscar for Best Picture).  And yes, it doesn’t have the “finally becoming the champ” moment of “Rocky II,” but who doesn’t love Mr. T as the way over-the-top villain “Clubber Lang” and admit it…when you hear “Eye of the Tiger” from Survivor-to this day-you’re cranking it up.  “Rocky III” definitely makes the list of  “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.”

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    No one has done more to revitalize a comic book character on the big screen that Christopher Nolan did for “Batman” with his “Dark Knight Trilogy.”  The third and final movie in the series, “The Dark Knight Rises” often gets criticized.  I think it’s way unfair.  Number one, it was following “The Dark Knight,” maybe the best superhero movie ever made with an Oscar winning performance by Heath Ledger as “The Joker.”  That’s a tough ask for any movie.  Give this one another watch.  Tom Hardy is AMAZING as “Bane” and Christian Bale remains the most flawed and human of any hero ever portrayed on screen as “Bruce Wayne/Batman.”  “The Dark Knight Rises” easily makes my list of “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.”


  • Mission Impossible 3

    First, can we just give it up to Tom Cruise.  He’s been portraying superspy “Ethan Hunt” in “Mission Impossible” movies since the summer of 1995.  The seventh of these is due next year.  Anyway, “MI:3” was kind of a make-or-break moment.  I LOVED “MI:2,” but apparently, I was the only one.  JJ Abrams, the creator of television’s “Alias” and “Lost” came aboard to direct and definitely delivered the goods.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman was awesome as the villain and in this one, Ethan gets married, and has to deal with the consequences of this (which would resonate throughout the rest of the movie series).  “MI:3” is really where they “figured it out,” and set the course for the film series going forward.  No question it belongs on our list of “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.”

  • Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

    “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is one of the greatest movies ever made.  Period.  It’s almost perfect.  It’s sequel, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” is just weird.  However, for the third adventure with the world’s favorite thrill-seeking archeologist, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas nailed it.  I mean how can you go wrong?  Nazis? The quest for another religious artifact?  And you cannot go wrong when you pair Harrison Ford’s hero with Sean Connery, the original “James Bond,” as his father.  “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” is unquestionably on our list of “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.”

  • Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith

    Okay, admittedly this one is a little tricky.  Technically, it’s the 6th movie in the series, however it’s the third in the second trilogy of “Star Wars.”  Confused?  I get it.  Look, if you know, you know.  Anyway, this is not the feel good, triumph over evil movie that sometimes “Star Wars” leaned into.  No, this movie is darker than a dungeon.  It is the story of how “Darth Vader,” maybe one of the evilest villains in movie history, came to be.  The stunt work is amazing and the ending has tragedy on multiple levels rarely seen outside of Shakespeare.  That’s right, I just said it.  Without a doubt, “Star Wars III:  Revenge Of The Sith” is on the list of “5 Movie Threequels That Don’t Suck.

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