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Did your favorite win?

According to Taste of Country, this is the list of the best country singers from every state. The artist either had to be born in the state or spent a significant time there.

There was a lot of competition in some states, and not as much in others. Obviously, the South produced a ton of Country stars. But you might be surprised about some other states also. Here are the winners from the Carolinas and some other states. Don’t blame me for the choices, I had nothing to do with them!

  • Delaware

    Not much competition, but I like this choice. It’s Jimmie Allen.


  • Georgia

    This one was tough. The winner Allan Jackson

  • Arkansas

    Two of my favorites from here, Johhny Cash and Glenn Campbell. Of course, our buddy Justin Moore is also a Razorback. The winner…Johnny Cash

  • Alabama

    Another with lots of competition. The winner is Hank Williams

  • Florida

    Country and soul blend together for the Sunshine state winner…Ray Charles

  • Tennesee

    Of course…Dolly Parton

  • North Carolina

    Lots of competition again like Randy Travis, Luke Combs, and more. But the winner is the “Chief”, Eric Church.

  • South Carolina

    Again a tough choice, the nod goes to Bill Anderson.