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I am in no way saying that broadcasters in general, and radio broadcasters in particular, aren’t prone to hyperbole…we are!  What I am saying is this.  I cannot be more sincere with this next statement.  I’ve never visited anywhere I thought was more relaxing, more beautiful, or more fun than Beaches Turks & Caicos.  If you have not rushed to sign up to win this all expenses paid trip, you are doing you and your guest a MASSIVE disservice.  As I’m now sitting back in my living room, all I can think about is how and how soon I can get back.

  • Insane Catamaran Trip

    I’m a huge water sports enthusiast, BUT I am unfortunately prone to getting seasick.  Don’t bother with the suggestions, I’ve tried them all, it’s just a thing.  Anyway, so I wasn’t all that excited to take this catamaran excursion to “Iguana Island,” but that soon changed.  Let’s just start with how insane this boat is.  Fully equipped with fully stocked bar, club dj, and a water slide.

    Catamaran trip

  • C&D On Deck

    On our way.  Gotta tell you, if you are a selfie enthusiast, OR if you are in a relationship with one, it is impossible to take a bad one in Turks & Caicos.

    C&D On Deck of the Catamaran

  • Welcome To Iguana Island

    So, Iguana Island.  They don’t call it that for nothing.  On a piece of land no larger than a couple of lots in South Charlotte, there are 5000 of them.  No, that’s not a typo.  5ooo iguanas.  I know what you’re thinking, so I answer it like the guide did.  “They only eat vegetables, so your completely safe.”  Okay, that doesn’t change the fact that when you see them in the wild like this, you feel like you’re in the opening few minutes of “Jurassic Park” before all goes awry. <g>

    Welcome To Iguana Island

  • The Caribbean Sea

    So, you get off the boat, hike about 50 yards past some prehistoric looking creatures and you are immediately greeted with this!  This is the Caribbean Sea.  The boat is docked on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.  I know, weird, right?  Anyway, the CS is considerably warmer and just more peaceful.  Crazy.

  • Snorkeling Time

    I told you, I’m a water sports enthusiast.  Debbie, not so much. <g>  Good thing as she was able to snap this shot.  The catamaran dropped anchor in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for a 30-minute snorkel around some of the most beautiful coral in the world.  I put my mask in the water for 2 seconds and said, “Damn, I wish I’d bought a Go Pro for this trip.”  Next time.

    Snorkeling Time

  • Dolphins & Backflips

    I’ve been lucky enough to see it several times in my life but it never gets old to see dolphins swimming alongside-seemingly playing-with a boat I’m on.  Too cool.  And any chance you get to backflip off a boat…it’s a must-do, right?

  • Beautiful Pool At Night

    It’s one thing to have a seriously cool pool at a resort.  By my count, Beaches Turks & Caicos has five?  This one is not even the biggest.  However, it was beautiful on Friday night with the lights shimmering off its glassy surface.
    beautiful pool at night

  • Last Breakfast In Paradise

    So, all good things must come to an end.  As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my living room staring at a televised funeral.  Yesterday at this time, what you see below was my life.  Again, I can’t get back to Beaches Turks & Caicos soon enough

    Last Breakfast In Paradise

  • We'll Be Back Turks & Caicos

    One of the hardest things we’ve done recently is get back on board American Airlines flight 1900 from Turks & Caicos.  Don’t get me wrong, American is the best.  Always gets us where we need to go with no troubles, but how happy are you when someone takes your favorite candy away from you? <g>

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