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Dolly Parton posted a simple image of herself from the 1970s with the caption “I love you as you are” on her Twitter, and fans of all kinds have reacted to the kind posting just one day into Pride month.

Parton has always accepted people for just the way they are, and in her many quotes, which are dubbed “Dollyisms” over the years, she has said stuff like, “I think everybody should be allowed to be who they are and to love who they love” and “If you see someone without a smile today, give ’em yours.”

Dolly posted to Twitter, “I love you as you are.”

We gathered some of the fans’ reactions to Dolly’s latest “Dollyism” for the month of June.

  • Adore You

  • Sweet and Confidant

  • You Brought Hope

  • Iconic

  • What was Jolene Bringing?

  • In Dolly We Trust

  • Treasured

  • American Hero

  • Speak Your Truth

  • A Total Gentle Legend