NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - MARCH 01: Morgan Wallen speaks during the 13th CMA Triple Play Awards at Saint Elle on March 01, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Like most of you, I will be spending the entirety of my day with Morgan Wallen’s new album One Thing At A Time on repeat. The bonafide superstar blessed us with just under two hours’ worth of new music- yes the run time is 1 hour and 57 minutes. And in the midst of his promo for the project, he’s playing a show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena tonight. Tickets were free to those who showed up at the venue yesterday, and while I considered hopping on a plane that plan didn’t materialize. But the good news is you can now catch the show from the comfort of your living room.

Unsurprisingly, the show sold out quickly, so Morgan announced that he would be live streaming it for everyone who didn’t get tickets to take it in. The show begins at 8:30 pm Eastern Time and can be streamed on any of his social media channels or at So grab yourself a beer, whiskey, or glass of wine and enjoy the first live performances of the tracks off Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at A Time! I’ll be watching it for sure.

No matter what he releases I just can’t get enough of it. And with an album of 36 tracks it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite. There were a handful of songs we’d heard either the full recorded versions of or snippets previously. But many of the tracks were brand new. And while I can’t name a favorite, I will pick 6 of the tracks that stood out to me on my first listen. This does count anything that the album version was previously released.

6 Tracks Off Morgan Wallen’s One Thing At A Time That Stood Out On The First Listen

  • Born With A Beer In My Hand

    Written By: HARDYZach Abend & Morgan Wallen

    Yes it’s the first track on the album, but it also felt as though this track immediately somewhat addressed what has happened in the last two years. I won’t go into that, it’s been discussed time and time again. But the references to sobriety, whether that’s true or not stood out to me.  The line “I’m just sayin’ I’m doin’ the best I can” stands out and is something we can all relate too.

  • '98 Braves

    Written By: John ByronJosh Miller & Travis Wood

    I’m an absolute sucker for a sports song, especially one that parallels a relationship. So this title stood out to me from the minute I saw the tracklist a few months ago. Compare that with the fact there is a good chance I watched this series as a child, it has to make my favorites. The lyrics I’m the biggest fan of? We swung for the fences and came up short Yeah, you win some, you lose some, it ain’t always home runs And that’s just the way life plays”

  • Keith Whitley

    Written By: Thomas Archer, Brad Clawson, Jared Mullins

    This was one that we had heard a short snippet of and it stopped me in my tracks the first time so I was looking forward to the full version. And it did not disappoint! Kinda like good whiskey, Keith Whitely, and Morgan Wallen this song delivered.

  • In The Bible (Featuring Hardy)

    Written By: John Byron, Jeff Garrison, Jon Hall, Ben Johnson & Geoff Warburton

    The combination of Morgan Wallen and HARDY will never get old to me. I love everything these two touch, so of course I love this song. Though truth me told the duet on HARDY’s latest album called Red still remains my favorite collaboration between the two. This song was not what I assumed it would be when I saw the title, but its still a stand out for sure.

  • F150-50

    Written By: Jared Mullins, John Pierce & Ben Stennis

    Leave it to Morgan Wallen to release a truck song that isn’t a “truck song”. He did it with Silverado for Sale and now with F150-50. This one caught me by surprise, but the creativity of F150-50, think 50/50 if you haven’t listened to the song yet stands out amongst an album of fantastic songwriting.

  • Had It

    Written By: Rocky Block, Alex Eskeerdo Izquierdo & Charlie Handsome

    If you’ve ever done or said something you regret (who  hasn’t) this song is for you. “You can’t make it go how you planned it You can’t heal a heart with a bandage And you sure as hell can’t take back what you say”. Don’t I know all those things to be true? 

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