Around 5 pm yesterday news broke that Alabama football Coach Nick Saban was retiring. Saban had the Crimson Tide at a dynasty level winning consistently making (and winning) the College Football Playoff and SEC Title Game. Those players and fans were used to winning. They expected to win (and did). Saban set a standard and let me just say those fans were spoiled compared to the rest of college football. But now amid a coaching search (for a job that you’ll never be as good as your predecessor), fans are left distraught at the possibility of not being the best. Trust me they will still be among the best.

And let’s just say some mental breakdowns are happening. I understand being shocked by the news. Most of the college football world was. I was. But some Alabama fans (mainly students from what I can tell) are acting like Nick Saban died. Videos surfaced on TikTok of people leaving flowers, candles, and signs at a statue of the coach on campus.  It is giving prayer vigil after someone lost their life. Not a 72-year-old coach retiring.

Listen I am not an Alabama fan. Far from it actually. As an avid college football fan, I have immensely loved seeing the College Football Playoff Game without the Tide (and Clemson if I’m being honest) the last two years. If you are a fan of any other team, it’s boring to see them keep winning it all. So I join a lot of the college football world being happy that Saban is no longer coaching. I’d love to put myself in the Bama fan’s shoes and wonder how I’d react. But honestly, I’d do pretty much anything legal for the chance to see my team just win one National Championship. So they are not getting one ounce of sympathy from me.

It remains to be seen who will replace the GOAT. Oregon’s Dan Lanning has been mentioned as the top prospect. This ACC fan says PLEASE take Dabo Sweeney (Clemson). Outside of Kirby Smart (Georgia) and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan but perhaps going to the NFL) they can have their pick of any coach. They have all the money in the world, incredible facilities, and the biggest “Blue Blood” name behind them. But the job also comes with one downside- you have to be the guy after perhaps the best to ever do it. The job brings with it the impossible expectations of fans. The next coach almost certainly can’t do enough. Regardless someone will take it. Perhaps Lanning, perhaps Sweeney, maybe someone else. Alabama will win. A lot. Though perhaps not quite as much as they are used to.

The Tide lost two games this year. They haven’t lost 3 since 2010 or had a season that didn’t produce double-digit wins since 2007. Next year very well could be a rebuilding year. In an era of transport portal football and NIL expect to see MANY Alabama players looking for new homes in the coming days. But a new big-name coach could bring a lot of talent with him. While next year may not be what Alabama fans are accustomed to it’s not the end of the world. What do rebuilding years build other than teams? Character. Enjoy one more video of Alabama fans acting like Nick Saban has died and is not just riding off into the sunset to enjoy a much-deserved retirement.

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