With today’s inflation, saving money should be on everyone’s list. A new study by Student Beans has revealed where the most cost-effective cities are in the USA; and who were the most money-savvy states when it came to finding discount codes. If you are looking to save money in North Carolina, one of our cities made the top 10 list.

According to the study, Miami is the capital for saving money in the US. This surprised me a little bit. It seemed quite expensive to me. Atlanta is the second-best money-saving city in Georgia after Georgia as the leading money-saving state. On our index, they all scored above 90/100, including Minneapolis, Tampa, and Las Vegas. How did Las Vegas make the list? Las Vegas scored a 90 out of 100 because the residents work hard (to save their money), play hard (and spend it).

Most of the top money-saving states are located on the east coast. A study on saving money showed New York, the most expensive and largest city in the US, ranked second-worst! Montana is the worst state in the nation for saving money, followed by Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. I guess the North West isn’t so great at saving that cash.

  • 10. Sacramento

    Population: 525,398

    Final Rank: 78.8

  • 9. Baltimore

    Population: 575,584

    Final Rank: 80

  • 8. Denver

    Population: 749,103

    Final Rank: 81.2

  • 7. Houston

    Population: 2,323,660

    Final Rank: 82.8

  • 6. Raleigh

    Population: 483,579

    Final Rank: 83.2

  • 5. Las Vegas

    Population: 667,501

    Final Rank: 89.6

  • 4. Tampa

    Population: 404,636

    Final Rank: 94

  • 3. Minneapolis

    Population: 439,012

    Final Rank: 95.2

  • 2. Atlanta

    Population: 524,067

    Final Rank: 98

  • 1. Miami

    Population: 478,251

    Final Rank: 98

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