My first thought when it comes to hickeys is middle/high school. Most of us have a story of a valiant effort trying to hide one from our parents. But they just might be the newest accessory fashion accessory thanks to Pete Davidson sporting a hickey presumably from Kim Kardashian. The addition to Davidson’s neck was first spotted in photos from a date night.

A lot of people are curious as to if this is some kind of publicity stunt- some have even hinted at a distraction to the Astroworld tragedy that the Kardashian-Jenner klan is linked to (Kylie Jenner is dating rapper Travis Scott who put on the tragic festival). Regardless if that is the reason it is a little odd considering when you have the resources these two have covering it up would still be difficult, but possible. It does seem that at the very least Pete Davidson wasn’t trying to hide that hickey. Whether or not they were chasing headlines? Well, that can be left up to your own interpretation.

And like just about anything the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s touch the interest in hickeys has taken off since the photos surfaced. Leading beauty retailer, Justmylook, revealed that web searches about hickeys skyrocketed by 335% in less than 24 hours. There are influencers and then there are Kardashian Jenners that’s for sure.

Surprisingly enough, this actually isn’t the first time this year hickeys have been a trending topic. A life hack of how to get rid of the bruise using a kitchen whisk went viral earlier in 2021. So viral that #hickey has almost 400 million views on TikTok. Maybe they aren’t something people are desperate to hide these days. Though if you’re not too keen on sporting yours (and I don’t blame you one bit) Just My Look has three steps to help hide the evidence:


  • Step 1: Use a green color correcting concealer.

    The first step to hide that love bite on your neck is with a green concealer. Apply that all over the affected area and the green color will cancel out the redness of the hickey. The trick is to blend it to hide any edges while maintaining enough coverage.

  • Step 2: Apply another concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone.

    The key phrase is ‘matches your skin tone’. If you use makeup that is too dark it will look orange and stand out however a lighter shade won’t cover the green and you’ll still be able to see it. 

  • Step 3: Use a powder and setting spray to set the area.

    In order to make sure your coverage lasts take either a translucent or powder matching your skin tone and apply this on top of the cream products. Then top with a setting spray and leave the area to dry. 

    And that’s it. Your potentially embarrassing bruise will be hidden. But if you’d like to take a page out of Pete Davidson’s book flaunt it!

  • Some people questioned how this was even news...

  • Some see it as a win for the men

  • Understandable

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