7 Winning Character Traits Of Leaders You Want To Work For: I have been very fortunate in my life in so many ways.  One that has often gone overlooked or taken for granted is one that…
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Freelancing income is determined by two factors: one, how well you are at your job, and two, how in-demand your job is. Generally, these freelance roles pay more and can be a great option if you’re considering going your own way. These jobs are all available in Charlotte for you to score. They have the best-paying salaries.

  • Media Buyer: $50-$200 an hour

    Advertising space is secured by a media buyer for brands to use. Their time might be spent securing a newspaper article, a billboard, or 30 seconds on TV. Their ability to charge so much is due to the high demand for these spaces. They can secure the right coverage by knowing the right people, which could make all the difference in a marketing campaign.

  • Public Relations Manager: $50-$100 an hour

    PR professionals deal with the media on a daily basis, ensuring their stories are covered and their narratives are told. Therefore, they can earn so much money by creating and protecting a brand’s reputation.

  • Photographer: $40-$100 an hour

    Photography can cover everything from advertising to weddings, family portraits, or journalism. If you’ve got the right equipment and know-how to use it, your skills could be worth a lot of money.

  • Business Consultant: $28-$98 an hour

    A Business Consultant will enter a business and help to make important decisions. Often, outsiders are brought in to act impartially. A reorganization, a name change, new hires, or even redundancies could be implemented.

  • Data Analyst: $20-$50 an hour

    If you’ve got a good eye for numbers and what they mean, freelancing as a Data Analyst could be a good career choice. Data is key for many businesses, and if you can help them interpret it, they’ll be willing to pay.

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