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Naming your baby is such a special moment. There’s lots of attention that goes into finding that just-right first name, but don’t forget about the middle name. A great middle name can really make that baby’s moniker. Actually, my first name, Anne, is a very popular middle name. But, I’m not too upset about it. So, what are the most popular middle names for babies?

There’s a new study out from that lists the most popular middle names for babies. “While choosing the perfect first name for your child is essential, picking a middle name can be significant, too,” the publication notes. “It can carry significance and become a huge part of their identity.” You might want a traditional middle name, or you might want something more modern. To help, has put together a list of some very popular baby names for boys, girls and gender-neutral ones, too.

If you’re wondering about the history of middle names, it began during medieval times. Moreover, according to, for centuries in Europe, a legal name had just a first name and a surname or patronymic, and middle names became popular in late Medieval times. “In England, they were reserved for the nobility, with an old law making them illegal for the rest of the population,” states. “Since the Pilgrims and many early settlers came from England, early Americans followed the tradition of having only two names.” They add that you can see this phenomena via the early Massachusetts birth records on Looking at the Boston data in their database, there were no middle names in the 1600s, but some middle names started showing up in the early 1700s. I personally love having a middle name. It adds character.

Let’s get into the most popular middle names for babies. Maybe these will give you an idea if you’re naming a little one soon.

  • 10 Most Common Middle Names For Girls

    My name is actually the most common middle name for girls. Should I be upset? Not sure, but I’ve always liked my name, so I’m not mad about it.

    Here are the 10 most common middle names for girls via, and find their full list here.

    1. Ann or Anne
    2. Anna
    3. Catherine
    4. Elizabeth
    5. Faith
    6. Grace
    7. Hope
    8. Jane
    9. Jean
    10. Joy

  • 10 Most Common Middle Names For Boys

    Here are the 10 most common middle names for boys via, and find their full list here. These surprise me, because they do seem like popular first names, too.

    1. Andrew
    2. Anthony
    3. Benjamin
    4. Christopher
    5. Daniel
    6. Edward
    7. Elijah
    8. Henry
    9. Jack
    10. John

  • Cute middle names for girls and boys also has some suggestions for “cute” baby middle names for boys and girls. The ones that top the list are Alice, Bella (love that one), Claire, Coco and Eloise for girls, and Beckett, Caleb, Connor, Easton and Hartley for boys.

  • Cool and unique baby middle names

    The top three cool baby middle names for girls, according to, are Arya, Honor and Jade, while the top three cool baby middle names for boys are Ace, Ajax (never heard of it) and Apollo. The top three unique baby middle names for girls are Avalon, Birdie and Gratia, and the top three unique baby middle names for boys are Angelo, Ansel and Blaze.

  • Gender-neutral baby middle names

    If you want to keep your baby’s name gender-neutral, or if you don’t want anyone to know the birth gender of your new baby secret up until the birth, then you might want to go with a gender-neutral name. The top five are Aubrey, Billie, Blake, Blue and Dakota. Find more ideas here.

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