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Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with ALL movies being redone, sometimes Hollywood gets it right the second time.  Off the top of my head, just about any remake of “Dracula” is better than the original.  Pierce Brosnan’s “The Thomas Crown Affair” remake is far superior to the Steve McQueen original (which was also a great movie-btw).  Those two (and others) aside, there are just some movies that should NEVER be remade.  When the original is perfect, why bother.  Here are just some that qualify on this level.  Oh, and I know you’re wondering, “Why is Patrick Swayze’s picture atop this blog?”  Patience.  I’ll get to that.

  • 1975-Jaws

    This was the first summer blockbuster.  In truth, the mechanical shark barely worked so Steven Spielberg had to frighten for the most part by what we didn’t see.  The result, a masterpiece.

  • 1939-Gone With The Wind

    My mother’s favorite movie and an annual viewing event in our home growing up.  It is simply one of the most epic movies in history.

  • 1939-The Wizard Of Oz

    What a year 1939 must have been for movie lovers!  Let’s stay there for this.  There can never be anyone but Judy Garland who plays “Dorothy.”

  • 1972-The Godfather

    Perhaps the most perfect movie ever made.  The cast, script, music, EVERYTHING…perfect

  • 1974-The Godfather II

    Ditto the description of its predecessor above.

  • 1981-Raiders of the Lost Ark

    This movie was itself an homage to the serials of the 1940s and 50s.  So many films now must pay tribute to the pacing of this film.  From time to time you hear talk of rebooting the series and recasting Harrison Ford’s iconic role.  Stop talking.

  • 1978-Animal House

    My first comedy on this list.  Why shouldn’t it be redone?  Two words:  John Belushi.  Exactly who are you going to cast who is better than him?!

  • 1978-Superman

    I know, I know, you’re saying, “But ‘Man of Steel’ was good.”  Good, yes.  Great?  Hardly.  Look, just rewatch this movie sometime.  I remember being in the theater as a boy and for the first time, a man flying on the screen looked real.  Oh, and there will never be a more perfect “Clark Kent/Superman” than the late Christopher Reeve.  He actually should have been nominated for an Oscar for this IMHO.

  • 1969-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    You never hear anyone talk about remaking this one.  Reason?  There may have never been better or more believable on-screen chemistry than that between Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

  • 1989-Roadhouse

    Now this is where you may gripe, but this is the reason for this list today.  It’s been announced that this epic, testosterone-fueled classic from 1989 is being remade for Amazon Prime.  I could just have easily added “Point Break” to this particular entry as it’s another GREAT Patrick Swayze movie that was disastrously redone.  Say what you will, but there’s no duplicating Patrick Swayze.  And there should be no attempt to duplicate “Roadhouse.”