NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 14: A view of atmosphere as guests attend the New York screening of HBO's "Euphoria" on June 14, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for HBO)

It’s no secret that the media we consume has an impact on what we wear. I am guilty of styling some of my outfits after watching TV shows. I remember in 2020 watching a plethora of Netflix shows and then going into a deep internet search for new jeans, tops, and hair accessories.

In the UK alone, there were 18.4 million people subscribed to Netflix in 2021. With search trends for ‘euphoria outfits inspo’ increasing by 929% over the last 12 months, it’s clear that our everyday clothing choices are inspired by the TV shows we watch. In response to this, Lucy & Yak has analyzed how fashion trends are taking inspiration from popular TV shows on both social media and on the high street. You can see the top TV shows inspiring looks in fashion for 2022 below.

  • Euphoria

    I love this show. #EuphoriaMakeUp has had a staggering 1.9 billion views on TikTok. As each character in Euphoria has a completely different take on what fashion means to them, there are so many different looks that can be taken from this TV show. From Rue’s casual style to Kat’s daring looks, there are lots of styles to experiment with. Fans of Maddy may be seen opting for bralettes and crop tops whilst those that love Cassie’s style will be choosing bright colors, cropped cardigans, and gingham printed clothing.

  • Emily in Paris

    Emily in Paris is all about fashion and the TV show has had a strong influence on some of today’s most popular trends. The hashtag #EmilyInParisOutfits has had over 34 million views on TikTok, emphasizing just how much people love the fits! Whether it’s complimenting an outfit with a Parisian style beret or color clashing like the main character Emily, the high street and social media are full of replicas of outfits seen on this popular TV show.

  • Bridgerton

    The second season of Bridgerton has just landed and the outfits in the popular series replicate 18th-century fashion. On TikTok alone, the hashtag #BridgertonFashion has had a huge 3 million views. From corsets to pastel colors and floral patterns, Bridgerton has had a huge impact on today’s fashion trends. As the second season continues to get more and more views, you can expect to see elaborate hair adornments and fancy jewelry pieces making more of an appearance in everyday outfits.

  • Sex Education

    This 80’s inspired popular Netflix show follows teenagers dealing with typical high school drama. The TV boasts a mixture of grunge, color, and flare meaning there’s a fashion trend for everyone to experiment with. It seems TikTok users are taking to the app to find Sex Education outfit inspo, with #SexEducationOutfits having 158.4 thousand views. Actor Tanya Reynolds from Sex Education recently worked with Lucy & Yak on their new collections, where she’s seen modeling their funky fleeces, twill jackets, mini pinafore dresses, and more.

  • Go Green with Your Fashion!

    Make A Postive Impact On Fashion with These Tips for a Greener Wardrobe

    • Adjust your spending habits!

      Invest in everyday pieces such as jeans instead of buying an outfit you’ll only wear once for special occasions. In order to be more eco-friendly, we should buy one pair of high-quality jeans that will last, since one pair of jeans uses 7,000 liters of water and creates 950 grams of waste.

    • Get thrifty my friend!

      Making your shopping habits more sustainable and fun by shopping vintage is an excellent idea! You can also shop the resale market through platforms such as Depop or eBay if browsing vintage stores aren’t your thing.

    • Mend and make do!

      If you have clothing that no longer fits or requires repairs, consider if it can be altered or repaired. You could take the challenge on yourself or hire professionals to do the work for you. If your clothing no longer fits your style, can it be altered and upcycled to update it? Or could it even be completely transformed into a new garment?

    • Do your research!

      Check the sustainability policies of your favorite brands before updating your wardrobe. Being informed before you hit the shops will make sustainable shopping a lot easier since many brands are opting for sustainable methods, fabrics, and materials.

    • Look after the clothes you already own.

      Looking after your clothes means they’re likely to last longer. From hanging up garments properly to washing jeans inside out little steps will reduce the need to replace items – so before you pile everything into the laundry in one go, take time to read the labels!