Okay not to sound like a psycho, but I love some crime and horror. I am all about shows like American Horror Story and OZARK. The Netflix platform is a popular platform for shows that feature violence, crime, and gore, from American Horror Story and Stranger Things to novels such as You and Squid Game. However, did you ever wonder which Netflix series committed the most heinous acts?

In order to identify and rank the most nefarious shows on Netflix right now, BonusNinja spent WEEKS watching Netflix. Based on the internationally recognized Injury Severity Score and the UK Crime Severity Score, we have ranked each character, episode, and scene. You can view the full analysis here.

  • American Horror Story has the highest account of crime

    With a crime count of 30, American Horror Story takes the prize for the show with the most crime rates on Netflix. The horror series has its character, Tate Langdon, to thank for this achievement. In close second place is the triller, How to Get Away With Murder which has a crime count of 26, followed by You with 13 crime counts committed by Joe, the show’s protagonist and antagonist.

  • Tate Langdon is the most dangerous character on Netflix

    There is just something about villains…their sadistic qualities have the ability to captivate their audience. Well, let’s just say American Horror Story’s Tate Langdon understood the assignment. The 17-year-old psychiatric patient proves his nefarious capabilities on the hit horror show by committing a series of heinous crimes such as murder, assault, and abuse, making him the most dangerous character on Netflix. Right at the bottom, we have Black Mirror’s Liam and Power’s Tommy who only managed to achieve a crime count of eight each, making them the ‘least’ most dangerous character’s on the streaming platform.

  • Joe Goldberg is the show's biggest villain AND victim

    Joe clearly gets himself into a lot of difficulties during season 1 of You, resulting in him being the show’s top villain and victim, though he initiated 13 crimes, he was also on the receiving end of 6, including his attempted murder. Sam Keating is How To Get Away with Murder’s biggest victim, leading as the injured party of 41 crimes. Although Anibal from Power cropped up on our list as the show’s biggest victim, he sits at the bottom of the list after only suffering through 2 crimes.

  • Homicide is the most common crime with a count of 538

    Among the plethora of crimes to commit, it may not come as a surprise to find out that homicide is the most common crime on Netflix’s most nefarious shows. It is the most unlawful act committed, having 538 accounts of murder, with 22 examples apiece of conspiracy to murder and attempted murder. The runners-up include assault with 49 accounts and threats to kill with 46 accounts.

  • American Horror Story, Squid Game and Ozark display the most common injuries

    American Horror Story takes home the trophy for the most injury-happy series, lacerating or maiming people 108 times. Next up is the Korean drama series, Squid Game with 45 injuries in total, 36 of them were across just three episodes. How to Get Away with Murder and Ozark both take third place with 32 injuries apiece. 

  • 'Squid Game' for the WIN!

    If you’ve seen it, you probably won’t be surprised by its inclusion on this list: Squid Game is by far the most murderous franchise in our rankings, with a Deadliest Rating of 46230.21. This rating is almost 40,000 points higher than American Horror Story, which came in second place. It perhaps goes without saying that a game show based on using homicide as an entertainment medium would do well, overall, in the death stakes.