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It’s been a rough season for the Panthers to say the least.  And the question everyone is asking is will Matt Rhule return for the Carolina Panthers? After getting off to a hot start going 3-0 the Panthers have been pretty terrible since. It’s been a revolving door at quarterback with Sam Darnold, PJ Walker, and Cam Newton all starting games. After Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints, where the offense looked inept, the team now sits at a dismal 5-11. And fans are not happy with the product being put on the field. Some are livid that Cam Newton isn’t starting. And look his first game back was magical. And I love Cam as a person and member of the local community, but in my personal opinion, some people are still stuck in the past. He provided a spark to this team, though short-lived, and I can 100% support the decision to sign him. But there was a reason he wasn’t on a team at that moment. He hasn’t been the Cam of years past through his last year with Carolina, his year with New England, and this season. I don’t think he is the long-term answer to our problems. Yes, I know many of you will strongly disagree with that take and I’m prepared for the hate.

That being said with the offensive liner we have it would be difficult for ANY quarterback to be successful. That is a glaring problem that needs to be addressed in the offseason (which can’t come soon enough). But in just about any situation in sports, the coach is getting a lot of the blame. And rightfully so. It’s his name, his game plan, and ultimately his players. And the team looks inept much of the time. We gave up a lot of draft capital for a quarterback that also struggled on his last team. And man Panthers fans will agree that Matt Rhule just looks lost and out of his league.

If you believe the sports insiders on Twitter it sounds like we are stuck with Rhule for at least one more season. Well the start of the season, no telling if it goes like this if he’d make it through the year. While the fans don’t make the decision (though they speak with their money), they are strongly against the idea that Matt Rhule might return next season as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. His popularity seems to be nonexistent and I hesitate to say he may be the most hated individual in Charlotte these days. See some of their thoughts below.

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