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  1. No bobbleheads this time.
  2. no Yetis either
  3. two’s company, threes a sound
  4. a singular action
  5. most people use all three of these everyday
  6. two of these are meant for each other
  7. one is not meant for the other two
  8. you could say that two of these start your day
  9. if we’d used water to make this, we’d be cleaning up the studio right now
  10. smells great when it’s piping hot
  11. this holds all that goodness in-wherever you go
  12. a lot of people misplace them every day
  13. you probably walked out the door with all of these this morning
  14. hard to get started without it
  15. Before they’re brewed, the beans are (blank)
  16. our clues have ground to a halt
  17. One action, three items. That should give you grounds for keying in on the answer.